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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CHRISTINE SMYLIE, Sep 9, 2011.


    I have recently adopted a rescue dog. Big guy. Two and a half. Very bright. He can now do all the normal sit, down, come round, wait, paw, cirlce, leave (with some trouble) and walking to heel (with some trouble!)......but I want to teach him things to keep his brain occupied. Really not sure what to teach him!!


    Hi all. Cannot teach him to beg for food as he is a BIG dog and I have been told over a number of years that a large dog should not sit up and beg as it can damage the spine. Apart from keeping Rocky occupied with new tricks my biggest concern is the way he is around other dogs. He wants to play but also want to dominate and will - with larger dogs - stand with his head and neck over their shoulder; if they do not submit; he will mount them! He was castrated at 20 months so this humping is not sexual; more about domination. Most dogs (and owners inc me) do not like this behaviour. How can I stop him from doing it? (Going to dog training classes next week in the hope that being around more dogs will get him more used to being an equal!)

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