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Well, nothing to do today, Sunday already!:dogtongue: Not happy about that. We're all relaxing, thinking about taking Onyx down for a swim in the river... Dunno, I'll have to give her a bath f I do that... LOL At least she's not like Jewel, who howls and cried and chokes herself when I give her a bath! Bratty dog!!! Might take some pics if we go. Have a good day, enjoy the weekend while it lasts!



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We didn't have plans, either, but this day turned out to be good day to be Buddy. We went to the nursing home where my sis lives, she is not old, but she is mostly paralyzed, but most everyone else there is old. Buddy always tags along, the oldsters always fawn over Buddy. they just love him and light up to see him. they just laff at his antics. He is good medicine for them.

I give the oldsters treats to feed to Buddy, which is good for their eye/hand coordination, and good for Buddy to trust in a room full of all kindsa people. They love all his tricks, and when we walk in, they call out, "Hey Buddy! Wanna beer?" that is their favorite trick.

They all tend to follow me and my sis and Buddy around, which my sis just eats up..so is good thing.

They reeeally love hearing how buddy used to be so weak, so neglected, so cranky, so decrepit, so unwanted, and was being put down cuz he had so many problems and no one wanted him, and that all he needed was a chance.

Maybe cuz they, too, are pretty much weak and mostly unwanted, that story hits home with them...they make me tell it every time. If another oldster wanders in, they tell the new one how Buddy used to be, "no one wanted him" but now look at him....and then they marvel at his glowing good looks and manners now, almost as if one of THEM made it back to health, you know?
then they all recollect how they used to have a dog that they loved...WISH THEY STILL DID!!!

Old folks and dogs = good combo. Maybe not a border collie, but a dog!! I think they all oughta have one. A real mellow laid back dog.

THEN Buddy got to go his beloved Island Park, which is huge, well, it also has a series of parks, all connected by bridges, in the middle of downtown. He LOVES that park. He starts quivering with joy a block away!!! Ran him around there for hours...he never wore out...he USED TO, when he was still building up his new strength...but not anymore....he is becoming such a fireball now!!



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Wonderful about the Buddster visiting the nursing home. It's what we aspire to when Kimber is certified as a service dog. There is a magical connection btw dogs and all people. I'm sure ur sis LOVES those visits. Thanks from me and all people that need a fuzzy visitor.

I just started reading Dean Koontz's new book, mostly a thriller fiction guy this is named "A Big Little Life, A Memoir of a Joyful Dog," about his Golden Trixie. So far I've misted up a lot at what a dog can do.

The quote in the beginning attributed to Trixie is neat. I saw it on a really stressful day and impulse bought the book, highly recommended. :dogclosedeyes:

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