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  1. Anneke Honored Member

    I feel the need to re-introduce myself, as I have been away for so long!:D
    But I won't:p
    I have been busy with work and not feeling quite myself. No not sick, just no energy, due to working a lot.
    As a result I have not been doing a lot of trick training. Any training actually, I have just been attending my weekly agility class.
    But my energy has been coming back a little, as summer holidays are starting soon(not for me though) but that means I will have a little more time to myself and my own dogs.

    A few weeks ago I struck a deal with a friend of mine, who plays frisbee with her two Bearded Collies on a high level. She needs a little help with a few new tricks. She will teach me to throw a decent frisbee and help me set up a routine with Jinx, if I help her with the tricks.
    So we will meet up one evening every week.
    Jinx looooooves to play frisbee and I am excited to seriously start this new sport.
    So far I have only been fooling around with it, since it is an easy way to get Jinx tired.

    Well that's what has been going on in our lives so far.
    For now I will go see what I have been missing;)
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    So glad you're back Anneke, missed you. I know that feeling, not sick but just exhausted and run down. Try a good herbal (natural organic of course) tonic. I've got to get one after my past few weeks. We all need a 'booster' now and then, even thinking positively doesn't always help when we feel run down. And no use partner saying there's heaps of energy, whole world is energy blah blah blah, if you're run down you need a helping hand!

    Sounds like you're getting organized again and I'm sure Jinx will just love Frisbee work, sounds like fun! I cannot throw a decent Frisbee for love nor money and no Frisbee clubs around here either. Not sure what my new baby will like but as she's Kelpie X she'd probably adore Frisbees!
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Same story here!:p I was very busy with school, and didn't have energy for anything else. Summer vacation has arrived, and now is the time for me to catch up on all I have missed! I missed everyone so much!! :)
  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Understand Dogster and so very happy you're back as well, we missed you, both of you!:D
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