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WOW, is Hero grown a lot this month or what!? Hero is growing like a weed now!
He is losing the puppy look now! He is beginning to look a lil more 'grown up' dog now, now we can more easily see how Hero will look when he is full grown now.

Nice work, that is one happy dog!

(Tx, you are right, now that Hero is a bit larger, i can now see his resemblance to Rio even better now)


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Awwww, he is beginning to look like a little adult now!!! He's so freakin' cute I just want to squeeze him. :X3: Lol. I'm in love.
Love how excited they get when they're "working." Mud gets all kinds of crazy when I grab my clicker and treat bag.
Nice video! Can't believe how big he's getting. :p

(TL, yeah, more black than Rio but he does resemble him. :) )