Rabies Vaccine Clinic/ Fieldtrip


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Yesterday I needed to take River to a vaccine clinic because his second Rabies shot was due on March 1st and I needed to get him to a clinic by then or take him to the vet. River was just at the vet for a check up with a vet that we went to for his neutering, but he was getting what they call a “free” check up post neutering. So the cost would have been over $60 just to get his Rabies vaccine because this shot was not included in the “free” check up. Which means we would have to pay the $46 office fee as well as the $18 R. V. fee. Where as at the clinic I paid $20 total and that was for two dogs! Victor came a long for the ride as well because his shot was due mid-March.

River and Victor were complete opposites at the clinic. I brought them in separately even though someone met me outside in the parking lot and asked if I needed help walking them both in together, because both have fear issues I declined the offer. Victor is about 100 times worse but probably on the whole scale of dogs with phobias he probably really isn’t all that bad. Anyway River went in happy to go up to all the people (all woman!, mostly sitting in chairs). River has never had a problem with needles and he was done before I even knew they had started. On the way out River practiced some automatic door buttons, which is a rare opportunity for a dog that doesn’t typically have public access.
Next was Victor’s turn. When I brought him in he needed to sniff every spot on the floor (he can be easily distracted), did not feel the need to go up to anyone and the moment he realized something was up he wanted absolutely nothing to do with these strangers. I warned them that he was probably going to scream (he had done so the year before at a different clinic and I think it really caught the guy (yes guy) off guard who was giving the shot. Anyway Victor started screaming before the needle even touched him. After ward I gave him a few hot dog pieces (when he decided he could eat them)…and we stayed long enough to show off a couple tricks. Victor showed off his new hand stand trick which really impressed everyone and reinstated that he really is an awesome dog he just didn’t have the best of upbringings! Overall it was a great experience, a lot better then last years, smaller, (less people knew about this clinic so there wasn't anauditorium full of spectators to turn and look at Victor while he was getting his shot) and everyone was pleasent and didn't mind a screaming dog.

Afterwards I looked up the closest pet store which happened to be a Petco, only 11 mins away, and living in the middle of no where that is pretty good and well worth the drive! Again I took them in separately (just incase they would play off each others fear). This time Victor was first. He sure has improved!
This was a bigger then the average Petco (at least of the one’s I have been to) and there were a ton of people and dogs! Victor had no barking at people episodes and no bolting behaviors. We practiced some basic obedience and had a few people stop to watch and comment on how well behaved he is. I used these opportunities to show them some of his more impressive tricks! Even one of the trainers was impressed.

Next was River’s turn. River went up to several people and met various dogs. Laying down to great a young golden/poodle pup that was a little intimidated by size differences. He practiced his trick repertoire and obedience with distractions. Then I found that in the treat bar, there were some bone shaped treats with various commands on them like sit, down, speak, roll over, stay, leave it, etc. I picked through them getting as many as I could find all with different words. Then I bagged them up and had River carry them up to the counter. (The golden/ poodle pup stole a bite size piece of plastic from River.) But he continued to hold the bag and placed it up on the counter. (This trick always seems to impress people.) The lady behind the counter said how impressive River was and jokingly asked if he was going to pay for them too. I then handed River two dollar bills which he put up on the counter. The lady then handed him his bag of cookies and as we walked out I heard her say “Now that is some impressive training!

Okay, I admit I love to show off my well trained dogs! But even more I like for people to see what dogs are truly capable of! I also used this unique opportunity to explain to the trainer we met that I would be interested in becoming a trainer and she even took the time to call another store in the area to see if they potentially needed someone and then came rinning back to tell me they did and that they loved the training I had done with Victor!


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Lol, glad everything went well!
Haha, even though I hate attention, I love showing off my dogs too. ^^ It's great to see how people react, and see that the dogs on TV with all the fancy tricks AREN'T robots, lol! Any dog can learn hundreds of "fancy" tricks.
Keep us posted on the potential PetCo job opportunity. :) Many dog owners would be fortunate to be able to work with you!!!


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Sounds like a perfect day in my book! Well, except the rabies thing. I dont give rabies vaccines, and living in Canada, it's not law. Not that we really have rabies here, anyway!

I LOVE taking my dogs into Petsmart, especially Scout, Mouse and Boo. They get alot of attention, Scout because of her training, and Mouse and Boo because no one has ever seen white Dachshunds before! So then I go into my schpeal about deaf dogs, and can really show off how awesome deafies are!

Taking Ollie in is a different kettle of fish. I work hard with him, he does alot of tricks, mostly because he's less anxious when doing the tricks he loves, but I am on constant alert for dogs, kids, and octapus people. making sure we avoid any unpleasantness, no sense letting Ollie practice fear behaviour. But we go in on a regular basis, as it's good for him to have happy experiences around people.