R.i.p Layladog Wonder


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he reason i havn't been on for quite a while is because my beautiful gir decided to chase a rabbit that was in our paddock out onto the road and ended in a big mess.Layla died on impact and it was heart breaking for me that i decided i wouldn't handle having a new dog.

after much consideration i decided to get a bordercollie/kelpie pup whom i named Dazzle(having this pup is a nice change from a beagle).

even thought layla was a wonderdog before i came across this site,i was hoping to find a couple of new tricks on here (but never happend)......

I just want you to know girl,I LOVED YOU & ALWAYS WILL :cry:

(for those of you who didn't know,i'm a 12 year old who taught that stubbon beagle all by herself)



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OMG I am so sorry for your loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::cry: it's so heartbreaking!!!!!!!I hope your new puppy brings you as much joy as Layla did!


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Aww,I want to give you a hug :barefoot: that is just so,so sad:cry: she was gorgeous,I cant imagine what a rollercoaster of emotions you must ve been on,specially now that you ve got your new pup,its fab that Dazzle is healing your heart :love:
R.I.P. beautiful Layla,have fun at the rainbow bridge with all the other doggie babes:love:
(well done for training her at your age,you must be a natural trainer!)(y)


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Oh karlee!! that is sooo sad.. I'm so sorry! I hope that Dazzle is easing some of your pain and giving you a few laughs along the way.:love:


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I'm so very sorry for the loss of your sweet Layla - losing a dog is so very hard, I know. They leave such a hole in our hearts, but such sweet memories behind, ones that no other dog will ever replace.

You new puppy Dazzle is just adorable, and sounds brilliant! :) I hope she's helping to heal your heart, and it sounds like you've certainly been busy with her. I'm glad you did decide to get another dog, Layla surely wouldn't have wanted you to be sad for long. She would love that you've opened your heart and home to another dog - after all, dogs are all about love, and lots of it! Have lots of fun with Dazzle - it sounds like you're going to need lots of ideas to just keep up with her! :p


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Terribly sorry for your loss of Layla. :( But glad you are moving through it and have a new little furball to enhance your life. :)
Dazzle is absolutely adorable. What a cutie. I'm sure you two are heading towards great things! Best of luck with her. Watch some of Fickla's videos; she "tracked" her training with her Toller pup Vito. They are great entertainment and also might give you some more ideas of things to start with your new pup.

Best of luck with little Dazzle. :D


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:cry:I am also so very sorry for your loss.:cry: Layla was truly a beautiful girl. She looks so happy in those photos.

I am very happy that you were able to get a new puppy as I agree with Jackienmutts, dogs are all about love. I can see that you are a very impressive 12 year old. You will have many happy days to come. Enjoy that sweet little bundle of energy, she is adorable.:love: