maggies mom

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Try using a spray bottle. Give the command: QUIET! If your dog doesn't stop barking...squirt him/her with the spray bottle. Soon they will learn the command. My stops most of time with just the command of quiet. If not, as soon as I pick up the bottle, they hush!!!


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I also work on other tasks (in my case when someone is walking by the door) when they want to be barking...

I have treats and commands and they know they (I have 3) have to perform.. mostly they cannot bark while performing (or eating!)


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You can use a clicker to mark NOT barking and reward non-barking. Once this is consistent you can add a cue to it... I use "quiet", but softly - a yell of QUIET is like you're joining in barking.

Once my dogs do know "quiet", then I will use a spray bottle or sin binning when they are not "quiet" after the cue.