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Hi, this is Debby and Belle. Belle is a lab/shepherd mix who is 3 yrs. old. She is a reactive dog but loves to learn and do tricks. I am trying to teach her to push a soccer ball and also am teaching her to ride a skateboard. She can already put one foot on the board and ride for a30 seconds but I can't get her to go longer even though I withhold the treat for more riding. I have the same problem with her pushing the ball. How do I get her to ride longer on the board and push the ball longer? Thank you. Debby and Belle

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How long is she staying up on the skateboard presently? If you increase by 1 seconds every day before you give your treat, eventually you will end up to 30 seconds. ;)

Gotta take things gradually... HeHe


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I would recommend the "300 peck" method! There's a great article by Alex Kurland here:

I highly recommend reading the whole article, but very very briefly I'll explain:

The method is based on trying to train chickens to peck something 300 times!
Basically, you start by rewarding 1 peck (1 sec skateboard ridign in your case). Then you go for 2 sec, then 3 sec, and so forth building 1 second at a time.


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Thank you for the replies. I will be more patient with Belle. This afternoon I tried putting a treat ball down on the floor and waiting for behaviors with it. She didn't offer any. All she did was look at me and sit there. I was trying to teach her to push the ball with her nose. Sure, she will do it if I give her a lot of direction but I just want her to explore things on her own. How do I accomplish this?
Debby and Belle


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Are you putting REALLY high value treats in it?

Maybe make her breakfast smaller on a day when you are going to do this?