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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by hannahb_patch_faith, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. hannahb_patch_faith Well-Known Member

    Helloo all,

    Its been a long time since ive had a puppy and started from scratch again, Mylo is great and is picking things up really quickly, he is clicker savvy and were working on his tug drive.

    What tricks did you start off with and how did you teach them?


    Hannah and Mylo :)
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome!:) Mylo looks a real cutie pie:D

    I started with basics with my youngster (and his older bro a long time ago). Sit, come/recall (most important) give, allowing me near/touch his food bowl, stay but only for a second or two as puppies have very short attention spans, house training (felt like yo yo Mom but well worth it as he was clean in a very short time about four weeks from memory). Plus of course loads of play time. Oh yes, I started loose lead training in the garden, until he was allowed to go out into the big wide world. Grooming, poor chap got a bath straight after arriving as he was a rescue and had a 'prison pong' about him (rush to get him home before partner came in LOL a 'sneak job' so the shelter didn't have time for a beauty session). But he adored that, he's a real water baby:D

    Have you Jean's new book? It's fantastic and will help so much with puppy training. Also check out the thread here on puppies, that too has so many good tips and what to teach ideas.

    Do, if possible, take Mylo to puppy pre-school/kindergarten it's really important for their socialization and most vets will allow them to join once they have their initial puppy vaccinations, though you may have to carry him in. The age is usually up to 16 weeks and apart from being great for the puppy, they're fun for the humans as well:)

    So glad you're clicker savvy, aren't they marvelous training tools:)(y)

    Please post pics of Mylo, we all love seeing them:)
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  3. hannahb_patch_faith Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply Mary. Mylo is 4 months now and has already started a university course once a week and an obedience class at weekends. He has mastered all the basics: sit, down, stand, loose lead, attention, leave, take, waiting for his food, being groomed and hand targetting. He recall has also come on massively but is always a training in progress.

    I was wondering more tricks to teach him, just simple ones to begin with.

    I shall post some more pics shortly and hopefully a video too.
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Ooooh he's a University Grad, or soon to be!(y):)

    Obviously he's well past the real young puppy stuff, didn't realize he was so well advance:oops:

    O.K. so on to the 'big boy' tricks:D

    I'd start with roll over (on a comfy surface like grass or carpet), shake paws, sit pretty, peekaboo sit/ stand /walk (good one for the lead up to the much harder cop cop leave that for now) spin, are you shy, say your prayers (the last two maybe a bit advanced at this stage but hey he's a smart cookie), fetch if he's into balls/toys, weave.

    What I do is basically watch and see what the dog likes doing naturally i.e. with my boy Ra Kismet he naturally stood straight up on his hind legs (so he could help himself to fruit from the trees:rolleyes:) so I 'captured' that trick but I wouldn't advise that yet with Mylo unless he does it naturally, then only for a short time. Just watch, observe and see what you can captured.

    Does Mylo stretch out when waking? If he does then you could 'capture' bow.

    Does he cross his paws (my boy does this all the time) so again, capture that trick.

    It's very late here now, so will try to think of more easy tricks tomorrow. I am sure others will also have some grand ideas:)
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  5. hannahb_patch_faith Well-Known Member

    In four weeks he will be a Grad!!! Haha.

    He is for is age adavnced and picking things up really quickly so i do want to keep challenging him. He already knows roll over and we are working on beg and fetch which he is doing well with i just want to perfect them. Last night we started working on puppy pivots which within 10 mins was using his rear end to move around the tin - was really made up with him. We have started to do a bit of shaping where i just sit with some treats and see what he offers and click and treat what i like, he has learnt the head bop doing this.

    I will work on bow and crossing his paws nexr with him.

    How can i get him to shake paws as i have taught him that with treats in my hands hes not meant to scratch and paw to get it he is to back off and then he gets it. This is one of the tricks i use to teach leave it. Should i just pick his paw up and click for that. I kinda want him to figue it out himself though.

    Any other ideas would be great to keep my bright boy happy learning :)

    Many thanks Mary for your reply.

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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi Hannah

    He'll graduate with Hons that's for sure:D(y)

    He sure is advanced, kudos to your training you're certainly doing everything right!(y)

    With shake, what I did was to get Ra Kismet (my youngster)was to 'target' my right hand (no treats in my hand then) (free shaping with a little help) with his right paw, sitting opposite him of course . When he did so I'd take his paw and use the cue 'shake', then click/treat. He now does shake with the right paw, also with a different cue he'll offer left paw, then both paws. With offering left paw then both paws, I used the same method, but when wanting his left paw I used my left hand, as opposed to my right hand for shake and both my hands for both paws of course. With Zeus (my 12 year old who in the past only wanted to learn the basics he left advanced tricks to his late sister) I have had to physically pick up his right paw and say shake. Now he offers it without any cue, unless you count the minute I put on the trick bag:D So with Mylo as he's such a smart chap, I would offer my right hand and see if he figures it out for himself. He most likely will because Ra Kismet basically did that when I offered my hand as a 'target' he immediately put his right paw into it. But if Mylo hesitates, as he's been trained not to paw your hand, then I would pick up his paw, as I did with Zeus. Oh yes, keep you hand open palm up, it's inviting to the dog, if you use the 'target'/free shaping method.

    Weave is a good one for Mylo, it's fun and impressive:D Figure eight is another.

    As he's such a quick learner and has a good idea he has a 'rear end' I would also work on cop cop with him.

    Pee is another trick, this is a bit trickier LOL even for the boys.

    You could also do 'pat down' if you feel his hind legs are developed enough. This does require good muscle development and strength in the hind legs, he may be a little young for this trick, as his bones are still soft etc. more one to keep in mind for the future. Just thought I'd throw it in as we're about to start learning that one:D

    Say your prayers. He needn't stand right up as my boy does (as I said previously he did this naturally) Mylo can do this from the sit pretty position which will not put strain on his young hind legs.




    Play dead (I chain this with roll over and crawl).

    That's something else you could do, start to chain together the tricks he already knows, it keeps training sessions fun and interesting for you both.

    Free shaping is great, that really makes the dog work. Jean suggests having a 'vision' yourself of what you would like to see the dog do, and it does help.

    You could also do jump through your arms, keeping your arms down low, don't want to strain his young legs. As he develops you can then move up higher with your arms.

    Jump through a hoop, not held too high as he's still developing.

    Peekaboo you can do that with stand, walk and sit. My older boy's learned that one as it's easy and no strain on his legs.

    Keep me posted, as Mylo learns new tricks, I'll keep my thinking cap on and post some more:D(y)

    And do let us all know when he graduates, so exciting a new grad on the forum!:D(y)

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