Puppy Steals Toilet Brush


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Hi everyone.

My puppy keeps taking the toilet brush for a play when nobody is watching. I try to catch him in the act, but he's very good in knowing when I don't look (eg busy making dinner, dressing kids). He obviously does know that it's not right, but does it anyway.
So far I gave him a stern look and said "No" putting the brush back where it belongs. This worked so far with a lot of things, but I always caught him "red-handed". Any suggestions what would be the next step to ensure he's not taking it when I am busy?

Jean Cote

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I think you can get that stuff that tastes really bidder from the Pet Store and you can spray or put a little bit on it. That could work... O_o


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Hi Jean.

I have that stuff here, but whenever someone is using the brush it will get washed off.
Also, what would one do if it's something that cannot be sprayed .. let's say for example a stuffed baby toy?


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Hi Ina - aren't puppies fun? ;) I don't know how old your puppy is, but "puppies will be puppies". Instead of just telling him "NO", how about starting on a "leave it" and then giving him something he CAN have instead, like a favorite toy or chew. Young puppies/young dogs go thru many different stages, and all kinds of things appeal to them at different times. You say he's getting it when you're not looking or busy - how about also "puppy-proofing" - meaning, can you keep the bathroom door shut (at least for now, while he's learning)? Kind of an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. Set him up for success, and break his little bad habit. Also, do little training sessions with him, that's a definite "leave it", while THIS (and you give him a toy) you can have - "take it".

Instead of just telling him what's 'wrong', be sure to tell him what's 'right', too. Try to always remember to tell your puppy what you want him to do and want him to have, not only what you don't want him to do or have, and praise the heck out of him when he makes the right decisions. He'll learn much faster that way.


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Thanks for the tips. Puppies are just so much fun. I enjoyed when the visitors were asking why we keep a toilet brush under the lounge table. :)

Same principal that I apply to the kids :-) Praise the good and they forget to do the bad because they are constantly busy repeating the good that gives the praise.

Keeping the door shut is difficult as the kids always forget to close it, but I can raise the toilet brush as Smokey (just turned 5 months old) knows to leave things alone that are elevated. When he picks up stuff from the floor it becomes part of the "kids training" as they have learnt in no time to pick up their toys, shoes etc .. <evil grin>

If I would just catch him when he grabs the brush - but no .. he is sneaky :-) - he doesn't give me a chance to say "Leave it"! :confused: I'll have to just elevate it for now.