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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by collie23, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. collie23 Well-Known Member

    I did post this on my previous thread but kinda got lost in the welcoming :) so copied and pasted cos still confused over how this works whats safe etc...

    How are you supposed to socialize puppies? I've read different opinions on whether puppies should go out before they are vacinated (obviously not walking for themselves) some seem to think you shouldn't take them out at all. Some seem to think its okay as long as its to places that have no dogs or dogs that have been vaccinated and are well known to you. and i've even read a couple that says its a load of nonsense and most dogs are fine without vaccinations.

    So if your supposed to vaccinate between 8 and 14 weeks (plus leaving a week to make sure the vaccination kicks in) and the key time for socializing is up to 16 weeks, if your late on the vaccinations that doesn't leave a whole lot of time to get them used to so many situations. Especially when the different situations aren't neccessarily available.
    I know my breeder doesn't vaccinate (at all) and puppies go to their new homes during the 10th week so does that leave enough time?

    Plus, Where would you suggest socializing your dog? I live in between the town centre and a forest so shes going to need to be used to a variety of different things... horses, crowds etc. Is it safe enough to take them to these places during the first few weeks?

  2. salixfire Well-Known Member

    From what I've read, you can take a pup out but keep them off the floor until a week after their shots are done. I'll be having ours on my lap going to the shops (I'm in a wheelchair) and round the nearby country areas for very short periods of time (mostly so they don't need to toilet when out). The main thing is to keep it as pleasant for your pup as possible while letting it experience all the weird and wonderful things that happen everyday. I'm sure someone much more knowledgeable will be on shortly. Hope this helps :)
  3. sara Moderator

    ohhh check out Ian Dunbar's "before you get your puppy" and "After you get your puppy" they are free downloads... hang on, I'll try to find them for you :)

    Here we go


    Dr. Ian Dunbar is AWESOME and has really fantastic info on puppy rearing!!!
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  4. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Thank you both.
    Only just managed to read through both of Dr Dunbar's books and they are amazing and so soo helpful. I'm sure quite a few of my friends will be happy to help me socialize as he suggests with frequent puppy parties and am now emailing classes for my puppy to attend (when she finally arrives)
    It still doesn't leave a lot of time but i guess just doing as much as possible in the first few weeks while not letting puppy touch the ground is the only way around it.
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