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  1. shelbers New Member

    Well my husbands mom picked up our puppy yesterday. Unfortunately the guy with the puppies decided that he does want our puppy and is keeping it for himself now; he was going to keep it originally then decided he wanted a girl. So we got a different little angel that is just as cute and will be living with his sister and uncle until my hubby is done with his Marine training thing and his mom can fly out here to visit with our baby.

    Right now she is calling him Halo, I really really do not like this name. So I am trying to come up with a new name for him. My hubby doesn't want any human names.
    This is what I've got so far :


    any other suggestions?! :dogbiggrin:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    How about:


    Try this site, it has lots of names. :D
  3. shelbers New Member

    I stumbled on the site before, its really good.

    I love the name Harley but hubby doesn't. :msntongue:
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    ISN'T IT FUN to name a dog!! These all seem like awesome names! my man got to name my dog, is why he has plain old "Buddy"..poor thing. Even the vet seemed to almost wince when we told him such a great dog was being named "Buddy" Hope you have better luck choosing a better name to fit your dog than WE did!!:msngiggle:

    T.J. or D.J. (you can make up, and keep changing whatever the T. and the J. stand for.)

    Buddy's best friend is named Jive, isn't that cute?
    BAILEY! I like Bailey.

    Here is yet another dog name website, there are 100s of 'em!! Just go to your browser window, and type in: dog names. 100s pop up to choose from.
    Dog Names
    Good luck! You sound like a busy lil gal, a baby, a new puppy, and a hubby in the service? TELL YOUR HUBBY THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US.
  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Here is an article on famous Marine mascot dogs, maybe one of these names will please your Marine?
  6. dat123 Experienced Member

    If you intend doing dog sports or similiar activities, you might want to choose a name that can be abbreviated to a one sylabol word that ' rolls off the tongue' easily. It makes it much easier you you ( and dog ) when calling.

    Example : Rocky can also be called Roc

    My youngest dog , I called Talin . He can be called Tal or Tally ( he responses to all ) , during agility. When I call " Talin" it takes too long to say, for a fast dog, and is enough to make an error. Talin is also a name of character in one of our favourite tv shows.
    It also fits in with his pedigree name ... Perriok Lord Talisman.

    A lot of thought went into his name, unlike the other one, which we just gave a name that sounded good at the time.
  7. snooks Experienced Member

    Below is a list of dog names that I've made over the years to consider from various languages. take parts or pronounce, spell, or combine them any way. There are a number of translators on line if you have a word you like such as snow or wolf. I love the mountains so I picked some of those. I ended up with Kimberlite-the ore diamonds are mined from-she goes by Kimber or Kimmy or sometimes Miss Thing. (i'm have geology minor so a lot of earth derived names and I'm part native american) So use ur history and interests for a special meaning.

    DAT123 is right that a shorter 1-2 syllable name or shortening it is easier for you and the dog. My latest pup Kimber does answer to Kimberlite but she has to think about it-she KNOWS Kimber and she easily comes to Kim. Have fun with this....it's a bit of a Journey (which was another name I gave a dog). Don't fret about Halo....dogs can and are renamed most times when they are adopted with noooo problem. Give ur pup a bit of chicken and say the name a few times and you'll have a convert.

    The neatest translator I found allows you to enter one word and it's source language and gives you translations in several languages. Translate words - Very fast translations into and from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch en Latin & Behind the Name - the Etymology and History of First Names is fun

    Loki is in my list too
    Loki - white light mythical being of norse mythology lo-kee

    IF you like Harley - to do with motorcycles look in ask.com for motorcycle rides in the us or states you like - there are neat names and destinations for national rides like Sturgis or this one with harley registered names and info Factory Fat - The Harley-Davidson letter designation & a list of some of the Harley model names. google or ask.com any topic. I liked the marine mascots idea a lot.

    Just maybe of these will spark and idea--if u really like it explain it's special significance to ur hubby and he might be a convert too even if not at first. Meanings have a lot of power to me not just sounds.
    Native American
    Senopah —blackfeet word for swift fox..spirit guide sennah
    Waya –wahya wolf
    Tokala fox
    Alo is spirit guide in hopi ah-lo
    Elu full of grace
    Tayen new moon tay-en
    Yuma son of the chief
    Jasy – yah-sih the moon
    Amitola rainbow to-la
    Tala – wolf tah-lah
    Honiahaka little wolf honi honey
    Chenoa – dove shen-wa
    Kaya child of wisdom ki-yah
    Tacey - quiet silent tay-see
    Talise – tah-lees beautiful water
    Yas – snow
    Ooljee – moon
    Tama – beautiful fox ta-mah
    Amitola – rainbow to-lah
    Ayasha – little one ah-shah
    Istas – snow
    Izusa – white stone
    Howi – turtle dove
    Hotah – white
    Helaku – full of sun
    Denali – high one
    Seneca old spirit
    Akela – noble
    Malu – peacefulness
    Ipo sweet beloved ee-poh
    Meli –honey
    Hoku – star
    Kala – sunny kah-lah
    Tehya - precious
    English Words
    Sojourn – journeyer
    Sienna reddish brown
    Rowan – strong rowyn
    Solange – rare jewel
    Java – texas ghost town
    Juno – texas ghost town
    Other Languages
    Una - remember
    Fia – flame Italian fee-ah
    Giada - Italian precious stone jah-da
    Asha – Sanskrit hope ah-shah
    Yuki – blessing ; snow yoo-kee Japanese
    Ceylon – cinnamon
    Soren – sor-en wise in Italian
    Zia zee-ah splendor or light
    Etoile star et-twah
    Oriel – child of destiny ori
    Kyia - beautiful
    Tinze – from Tinzenhhorn
    Torren – from Torrenthorn
    Rhyolite – rhyah
    Ravel – brazilian mineral name
    Beryl – mineral
    Cinnabar – cinna – mineral
    Tarrey – from tarriance-sojourn
    dream sanje in slovenian
    butterfly mariposa spanish
    encanto – enchanted
    Cayley – volcano in the cascades
    Laramie peak in cascades
    Truuli peak in Alaska Yukon kenai mountains
    Dorado golden in Spanish
    Tarn alpine lake
    Nipha – snow in greek
    Tao – flow in the universe
    Senryu a type of poem
    Galen – tranquil
    Django - jazz singer pronounced with soft z zhango
  8. shelbers New Member

    lol i dont have a baby, not for awhile :msntongue: i just call the puppy my baby. im really excited for him to fly out here, sadly its not till the 4th. i wouldve opted to get a dog elsewhere but my hubby really wanted it from this litter because of his ties to the grandma.
    its 3/4 boxer, its mom is full boxer and dad is half boxer half something else. the grandma was my husbands dog who came home preggo one day.

    wow snooks that is a huge list, i really like some of those. :dogsmile: my parents dog is like yours, he goes by many names and knows them all.
    i'm glad that it will be easy to change his name, we were trying to think of something quickly so we can get my hubbys mom to call him the new name instead.

    Tigerlily, jive is a cute name. :dogsmile: i like the marine mascot idea too!

    Right now were thinking of calling him Loke after the norse god. My mom hates the names, lol, but my 3 year old nephew thinks its "perfect" :msngiggle:
  9. snooks Experienced Member

    What is it with Mom's and names. I swear my mom thinks my dogs should be named some strange names like truffelita or who knows.. :msngiggle: I'm afraid to ask. Both dogs got...Chisholm huh, what are you going to say CHIIISHOOOLM COMME? Well yeah I was and it works. What are you going to say KIIIMMMBER COOOMMME? Chizzy and Kimmy works too as does Chiz and Kim. Yes to that one too. Are you afraid the neigbors will laugh or what?? I'm not sure why truffelita would be considered normal. I don't really intend to let them run loose and drive around with a bullhorn yelling after them. :msnblushing: Some times ya wonder...this woman ALMOST named me Lolisha Suzanne...OMG!!!! Only a family revolt saved me. heee hhee Of course my grandmother said what are you going to call her LOLLY?? or POP?? Thanks grammy.

    Yes my family is somewhat weird. :dogrolleyes: Though the vet calls big dog Cris-halmay..not sure how that happened.
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Ha, where'd i get a baby in there? I'm losing it! Ha again--- i just NOW read the article of various dogs that the Marines have used...They were ALL named CHESTY!!? bah haha! I had thought, like, each successive dog had it's own name, and you'd have lotsa Marine mascot names to look over. I AM losing it. goodness!
    Soon i will end up voted off the portal....
    My stepson, who was struggling young man in the Navy, with a family in tow, named their new dog, a purebred that they purchased at a pretty high price---the named it "Visa" after the credit card they used to buy it!!
  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Loke? Has cool sound to it. Like it, but do consider--- If you are at a dog park and are calling "LOKE! LOKE!" folks might think you are yelling for eveyrone to look at you. just a thought.
    All this advice from me, a woman who once considered naming my dog "Almost" after a movie character from Apocolypto...til my daughter pointed out, "Mom, can you see yourself standing somewhere yelling, ALMOST COME! ?":dognowink:

    uhm i probably should be banned from voting on dog names!!! I even kinda like Truffilta!! ha ha! AND LOLISAH!! that was funny....

    I am the kind that should probably never be allowed to name a dog!!:msngiggle: If/when i ever get another dog, i will use this list above. Lotta cool names. Craig will probably wanna name our next dog, Fido or something else similarly origina!!
  12. shelbers New Member

    My mom actually just likes normal names. Our first family dog was named Dallas. They let my oldest brother pick the name and he picked Alice, seeing as the dog was a boy it became Dallas. Our next dog was a rescue who came with the name Dallas. Then we got another rescue who came named Charlie. Now they have Titan [Titanium], who came with that name.
    [They've all be austrian shepherds. It's going to be weird to have a different dog.]
    I want something slightly unusual. :dogbiggrin:
  13. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    The giant rottwielers downt the street are Tonka and Brutus. Fits 'em too....they are NOT Buddy's best friend. ha ha!
  14. shelbers New Member

    If we keep Loki the name we'd pronounce it Low-Key.
    Almost is a cool name. :dogsmile:

    Chesty Puller is a very famous Marine. I don't really know why though, haha.
  15. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    My aunt had a female Boxer named Lokey for the God of Mischeif.

    Tosca means tough girl or something like that I've been told. I know a sweet Akita by that name.

    Once knew a "Mr. Charisma" who was called "Rizzy."

    LOL just re-read post and realized you're getting a boy. Disregard, lol.


    Okay, no more names for me...lol!!
  16. shelbers New Member

    the puppies daddy is named Ike :dogsmile:

    We were picking Loki for the meaning of god of mischief. apparently hes a little angel right now [I think thats why theyre calling him Halo] Hopefully were not jinxing him with that name. :dogsmile:

    Everyone has such good ideas for names! its so hard to decide.
  17. jazzycat New Member

    oops! I just saw your post above. I still love the name Loki. If my husky was a male, I would name her that.
  18. shelbers New Member

    Well hubby decided that hes done with me trying to find another name. I suggest names ALL the time. :msngiggle: I think I was starting to annoy him. hehe.

    So he decided that we are using Loki for the puppies name. I figure if I don't like it by the time puppy finally comes home, I'll change it. :msnohyes: After all it is suppose to be basically my dog to keep me company when hubby deploys.
  19. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    So Loki it is!! wonder if he will be "low key.."!!!!

    What a WONDERFUL plan, to have a new puppy to keep you company while hubby is away, wonderful idea. I am thinking they should recommend this to all military families!!

    Ha, i laffed at your remark about saying dog names to hubby! When we first picked up Buddy, he had no name. ALL the way home--we drove 8 hours to rescue him out of a high-kill dog pound, he had 24 hours left, see--so on this 8 hour drive home, my man and i kept saying names back and forth..."Bailey.." another moment passes..."Milo?" another passes...and so on, all the way home.
    We started laffin, cuz our new dog was staring at us with a confused look, (of course he was confused!!!) but we joked that he was thinking "OH NO! THESE PEOPLE AREN'T RIGHT!!I'VE BEEN ADOPTED BY DUMB ONES THAT CAN'T EVEN SPEAK IN SENTENCES..?"


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