Puppy Going On A Road Trip?

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  1. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    In August, I'll be leaving NC to travel to Louisiana for a week. I don't really happen to trust dog-sitters:oops: , especially with a puppy for a week. So, what should I do to prepare Miles for a 16-hour trip by car? He's already pretty comfortable in the car, but I'm not sure how he will do on such a long trip. Tips or suggestions?
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  2. Anneke Honored Member

    I have never made a big deal of a long drive. I put my dogs in, just like I would if I took them for a walk in the woods. Only now they are tucked in between our luggage;)
    With my grown up dogs, I stop about every 2-3 hours to let them stretch their legs and do their thing. Depending on how long a pup can go between potty's, I would do the same with a pup.
    But I have dogs that are very used to driving in a car. Jinx feels more comfortable in the back of my car then in a bench:D
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  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Good luck!!

    16 hours straight through?? no overnight stop??


    I'd plan on adding many hours onto travel time, to allow for "dog time".;)

    Time for dog to get out, walk around, get some exercise, and take her time peeing and pooping, etc. I'd stop every 2 hours at the longest.
    you don't want to hurry the dog during her precious "out of car" time, nor annoy the driver who is there tapping their fingers to get back on road.

    I'd bring an item dog is familiar with, like his favorite blankie or your unlaundered sweatshirt for dog to curl up on.

    I'd bring plenty of stuff to do, like dog puzzle, kongs, brand new toys he's never seen before,
    and i'd be a little careful about what you feed the dog that day, avoiding fatty or rich foods that day. I'd not feed the dog much at all, really, that day. I'd rather have a hungry dog
    than a puking dog.

    I'd keep windows cracked open,
    and keep dog facing forward, by open window.
    The further back in the car the dog is, the more chance the dog could become queasy. Back of an SUV is great for dogs, though.

    If dog starts drooling, yawning excessively, whining, pacing, panting, these could be signs the dog is becoming queasy.
    Pulling over and walking dog is very helpful for this.

    I'd also call my vet, and ask what she'd like me to give dog, and how much, in event dog does get carsick,
    and have that on hand. It's be a long long sad day IF the dog did get carsick.
    cuz, it's 16 hours back again, too.

    Dont' be blasting the tunes or letting anyone smoke in the car if your dog is in it. Might be good idea to get that all squared away and agreed upon prior to leaving. Lots of cars have option to turn off speakers in the back completely.

    I'd also make sure dog is micro-chipped,
    and has a dogtag with your cell number or local number where you'll be in LA.
    A small flashlight, and a glow in dark dog tag or dog collar might be nice for the nighttime walks on the trip down....or those kind of blinking dog tags or collars that light up, i mean.

    If there is any chance your dog gets out of his collar, i'd walk him in chest harness only.

    GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    16 hours, make sure the driver is very alert and wide awake!! chew gum! rotate drivers!
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  5. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    Thanks, and I've read that at 4 months a puppy should be able to "hold it" for 3 hours...
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    oh, and while you are in LA, (i love the look of that state, so so pretty, especially love New Orleans!!)
    i would NOT let the dog be outdoors without me. The fence in their yard might have an opening your naturally curious lil dog will want to explore...that yard won't feel like "home" to your dog, so if dog is outside, you are outside with the dog, too.
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  7. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    Thanks, lots of good tips! We will have stops; probably every 2-3 hours. We were planning on walking him in the grass around gas stations when we need to fill up on gas/use the restroom, and also rest areas/stations so he can go potty. We usually don't have overnight stops, but sometimes we stop in Atlanta, Georgia.
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  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"Thanks, and I've read that at 4 months a puppy should be able to "hold it" for 3 hours..."//

    well, all dogs are unique. does your baby dog currently hold it for 3 hours?
    and, it's not impossible, on a road trip, who knows, the dog might have to go a lil more often...remember, it usually takes a dog several pees to get anywhere near "emtpy"......:ROFLMAO:
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  9. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    I'm actually FROM New Orleans! (jefferson parish) :)
    And yes, the yard will not be closed off, its just like a swamp! I'm going to be VERY cautious about that.
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  10. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    Yes, he currently can.
    Dogs' bladders do seem to work a little differently when they're traveling. :ROFLMAO:
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    YOU ARE A NOLA GAL????!!! YESssssssss!! I know Jefferson Parish!! You lucky thing! Hold on, i'm coming with you!!!:ROFLMAO:
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  12. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

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  13. Dogster Honored Member

    WAIT!!!! Stop by Canada!!!!:ROFLMAO: Always wanted to visit New Orleans!!!!! To finish off the road trip we can visit Lisa at her new house!!!!:whistle::ROFLMAO:
  14. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    HA, yes a DTA road trip!!:D
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  15. southerngirl Honored Member

    Everyone has great suggestions, I just wanted to add one thing. Please either buy a harness seat belt or have her crated if you were to get in an accident he could be thrown out of the car or at a windshield, you or a passenger could even get hurt if he were to hit you. So if possible have Miles secure. About two weeks ago someone lost two dogs in a car accident http://petsweekly.com/index.php/en/all-about-dogs/61-dog-stories/700-a-tale-of-tragedy-and-hope If you use a crate it should be in the back buckled down in some way
    http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/9_10/features/Dog_Transportation_15845-1.html This is a really long article but I think it is good for people traveling with their dogs.
    HAVE FUN on your trip. Oh and please take lots of pictures.:D
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  16. milesfullofsmiles Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I will definitely be careful. I'll probably put him in his crate for half the trip, and have him in a harness seat belt for the other half of the way.
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