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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by jmarc, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. jmarc New Member

    I have 2 puppies who are 4 1/2 months old. From the beginning I had them in a crate at night. They would wake up at 3 or 4am every morning. I usually ignored them for half an hour hoping they would go back to sleep. So I finally got tired of that and decided to leave them out of the crate at night. Didn't make a difference except that I now get up to a puddle on the carpet from each of them. How do you get them to sleep in? :dogblink:

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    The simple answer is that sometimes you don't. I find that, like children, some puppies are longer sleepers than others. Two pups is always going to be more difficult as one wakes the other and then they're charged and ready to play. Were they both in the same crate?

    It's really up to you whether you crate them or not, but if it's making no difference, I'd crate them to keep them safe from electrical cables and other dangers when you can't be watching them.

    Sorry I can't offer anything more constructive or helpful, but it really is just part and parcel of puppyhood - having the right to wake everyone else in the house up just because you look sweet. :)
  3. jmarc New Member

    Thank you CollieMan. Your opinion is much appreciated and I guess it's something that will happen when it happens and not before. I will endure and will hopefully come out ahead on this one. I have to admit they aren't too cute at 4am.
  4. snooks Experienced Member

    Puppies do not have control over the urethral and bowel sphincter muscles until they are 8-12 mos old. I think you can encourage sleeping in after they are old enough as I have finally done. Thank goodness. :dogtongue2: My puppy finally was consistently not waking me up from her crate for about 3 mos before I trusted her enough to sleep outside the crate. I could have probably tried sooner but I hate messes so she was about a year old and she's a larger breed dog.

    If they aren't crated there is no incentive for them not to leave puddles. For puppies this age I take them out the moment they whimper b/c they literally can't wait and it's a big component of your potty training. If they learn how to ask to go out and you take them it's a very good thing. It's better they ask than leave messes. The other alternative is to set an alarm and take them out at a time when you can get back to sleep for a reasonable time before they need to pee like 4 hours before you get up instead of 1. It sounds like they really aren't old enough yet to go all night.

    You could also try and change their evening feeding and exercise time to earlier or later and adjust the time they need to go. There is a direct correlation between the three. Shih Tzu's are a small breed dog and will be slower to mature in this aspect than a larger breed dog. Hang in there. It will get better if you are consistent and they get older. I wouldn't ignore them though unless you want to run the risk of them getting use to peeing in the crate or house. A few nights of sleep deprivation now are better than 15+ years of messes. :dogwink:
  5. fickla Experienced Member

    I think I would try setting my alarm 20 minutes before they generally whine to pee and take them out at that time. Then every couple days I would set my alarm 15 minutes later.

    Possibly take them outside one at a time if they like to play out there. Kenneling them separately (if they're not already) would make that easier. And feeding them supper earlier as well as picking up their water early can help. Try to limit their playtime right before bed so they are not activating that bladder
  6. jmarc New Member

    Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions. I have decided that getting up early isn't so bad after all. Last week they did sleep in two mornings in a row. I was surprised. I woke up early anyway but waited for them. They have me trained well.
  7. snooks Experienced Member

    I've been wondering about you and the early rising (and sympathizing). Yay for some getting older and more trained pups!!! You've been doing your work and there is hope eventually, even though sleep deprivation makes it seem like forever. I get to go until 8am most days now. Today was 6am but that's wayyyyy better than 3-4 am. :msngiggle:

    I'm glad you're seeing improvement at any rate.

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