Puppy doesn't even realize he is peeing . . .

Discussion in 'Puppies' started by achieve1dream, May 7, 2008.

  1. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Can anyone share similar experiences or tell me why Jackal does this? He is thirteen weeks old and I know he can tell is he needs out because he has done it, but sometimes he will just pee while sitting down and doesn't even seem to notice he did it. Then he will get up and start licking it up. He gets pee all over his chest and unfortunately has done this on our couch. :( Does he not realize he is peeing? What can I do? How do you housebreak a dog that pees while sitting down? I don't even know he is doing it until it is too late. I need help. :(

  2. sarhaspups New Member

    Maybe, and this is just a thought here, maybe he is telling you that he needs to go out when he sits? When does he sit? Does he sit suddenly, for example, he is playing real hard and then sits quickly? If he is doing that I would say that is his way of saying he needs to go but that's just a guess. Watch him closely, every pup should give signs that they have to go... most sniff and lift their tail but depends on the dog.
    My suggestion would be to watch him and figure out what his signal is that he has to go and take him out right away. You might realize after watching him that when he sits it is his signal he's gotta go. I would say he will grow out of that if that is the case. He's very young and sometimes it takes them awhile to figure out when they have to go. Just my thoughts. Hope that helps?
  3. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    I had thought that too at first, but I'm just not sure. Because this last case he was quietly chewing on his bone and then sat up and started peeing. Maybe he was going to try to warn me, but couldn't in time. I guess he just doesn't know soon enough. But why would a dog pee on himself like that? I would think he would stand up and squat like when he goes outside. He got it all over his chest. Then again, maybe he peed while laying down, then sat up, then stood up and turned around to lick it up. I don't know for sure. I was in the same room but was not looking at him when it happened. I looked over when I heard him licking it up. Maybe I just have to be patient and keep the febreeze handy lol. Thanks for the reply.
  4. sarhaspups New Member

    Just try to be aware and see what happens. He's very young but he should be able to control it. Worse case, take him to the vet and have him checked for bladder function? Make sure there isn't anything medically wrong or call your vet and see if they have any advise? Good luck!! Keep us posted!!
  5. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Okay. Our next appointment is coming up soon anyways so I will ask what they think of this. Thanks for your advice. And I will let you know what they say.

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