Pupcake Recipes


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Akisha's 7th birthday is coming up and i need a really yummy recipe for cupcakes.
it would be prefered if it was consisted of items found in an everyday kitchen.
all recipes welcome :msnblushing:


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My recipe is under "treats." It is called "Hiding Veggies" I just now modified the recipe with note on how to make these into cupcakes.:msnparty: DOGS go crazy for this recipe.:dogtongue2:

People do not go crazy for this, cuz it is not cute, and has no flour in it.
Dogs do not need flour in their diet, ever. period. But the dogs WILL go crazy for this recipe, cuz they don't know dog treats MUST have flour.

If made into cupcakes it would resemble lil meatloafs, not 'cake'.

I am fairly fussy about dog treats, okay, i am VERY fussy about what dogs and children eat....because i did study up dog nutrition, and did adopt a dog that was so so so brutally malnourished, i had to use HEALTHY treats to train him.

My recipe would make an UGLY cupcake,:msngiggle: but, it'd be THE healthiest cupcake recipe you are gonna find!! (ALL DOGS LOVE this recipe, i have not met one yet that does not go ccrazy for these, other owners always want the recipe.....
but humans seem to want to use flour(?) :dogtongue:in all recipes....they anthropomorphize that their dog needs/wants flour, i guess... and humans like to give dogs more attractive treats than this is gonna look like, lol!)

Guess it depends on whether you are really cooking for the DOG:dogbiggrin:..... or for the other humans who will be bringing the other dogs.:dognowink:
I say, save the flour for the food you are gonna have to make for the humans coming to party.

BUT HAVE FUN!! I THINK DOG BIRTHDAY PARTY IS GREAT IDEA!!!! I'm gonna do that for Buddy, thanx for the idea!!!


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thanks Tigerlily, i will go check out your recipe now. and thanks for the tip about no flour whatsoever :) i'm making pupcakes for the dogs that are coming to the party, i might make something for the humans as well though :)


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YOu know, i am worried about how you can put these into a cupcake pan.. They won't come out...they will ruin your cupcake thing. I mean, maybe you could try it, but i am thinking you will hafta throw out the whole cupcake pan.

You might do better to mound them into ball shapes, or cookies, and sprinkle the shredded cheese on them, and then just bake them. YOu don't really hafta worry too too much about getting them cooked all the way thru, cuz all the ingredients are precooked anyway, you are only baking this to dry it up.

Yeah, just make some lil shapes, and put on cookie sheet. Get a silicone cookie sheet cover, these are blue rubber things. They cost $8 each, but i have not burned ONE thing ever since i got one.

Or, they also make blue rubber silicone cake pans and pie pans!! I"ve seen them, (walmart, target, BedBath and Beyond) but never owned one. If you could find one of those, you could like, triple or quadruple the recipe, and, make a cake!! Then you could put candles on it to sing!

(it will still be very ugly cake, but, it will be cake-ISH, lol!) If people ask you what it is, say "It's 'Ugly Cake'!!! " lol!!

Now i am getting excited for Buddy's 1st birthday!!!!:party: Do post all your tips, i've never thrown a dog-birthday party!


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To tell you the truth, i have NEVER held a birthday party for a dog. we have only had akisha since she was five so i tried to have a party for her 6th but my parents thought it was a bit silly spending money and all that for a dog. But this year because i am older and Akisha is now officially mine (!) i can hold a birthday party.

the following tips are just what i have done to organise Akisha's party:
1) Figure out where its going to be, if you are going to hire somewhere out, do it asap.
2) once you know where its going to be, select a date, prefferably 2 or more weeks away.
3) get out a pen and paper and figure out who you are going to invite, just dogs or thier owners to?
4) Make the invitations. Include, what time, where, the date, rspv number and anything else you think is nessicary.
5) Now you should write up a design brief, this should include the who, what, where, when, why and how. also write up the constraints for exmaple, if a dog is lactose intolerant (make sure there is no milk) or no flour etc.
6) once the planning stage is done you can go ahead and relax, only after buying the supllies (party hats, ingredients etc.)
7) start cooking the day before and place everything in the fridge :)

i hope that helped you a little, they aren't really tips, just the steps i followed to get akisha's party underway.


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good ideas, all of them!! THANX!!!!

this will be my first "DOG BIRTHDAY PARTY", TOO!!:msnparty:

HOw many dogs are you having over?