Pup Sitting


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I am going away for the weekend and have deceided to leave my dachshund Luke with a friend... she also owns about 6 or 7 other doxies... :p So I know he is in the best hands I can find for him..

Luke is still very anti-social and afriad of other dogs so I am hopping this will help bring him out of his shell... he might learn a thing or two from the others dogs.. lol :p


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Well, JenC, i agree, being around other dogs does help them learn better manners. but it is going to be hard on your dog to have to be around so many other dogs... nonstop, 24/7, without his security mom to turn to, IF this is your first attempt(?) to help him gain confidence about other dogs and to help desensitize him to being around other dogs.

If a dog has a pretty bad case of it, it is easier on the dog to attempt acclimating them to other dogs in small, brief, less threatening increments, and work up to a settting like you describe. imo,



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are you able to bring Luke over a couple of times between now and then? or at least arrange to go on a walk with some of the doxies before you leave him? I would just be a little concerned that you will basically be "flooding" him. Depending on how shy he is this may be ok, but if LUke is really scared then being around so many dogs without you can be very overwhelming and stressful.