potty training


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I've been trying to find the best way to potty train my new puppy. He'll be coming to me at 10 weeks old. I've read about create training and putting the puppy in there when ever you cant watch it 100%, then other then that to take it out ever 30 minutes if its active and every hour if it hasn't been active.
I'm just wondering what worked best in your experience?


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It took us forever to housebreak Midnite since we lived in the city and did not have our own back yard. So until she was 16 weeks old she was going on the wee wee pads and we had a hard time transitioning her off them.

We did it a little differently with Hannah and she was 100% by at least 6 months old (maybe younger). First we had our own back yard so we were not too worried about her catching anything contagious (plus we got her from the shelter with parvo so what else could she possibly get that's worse). Secondly we crate trained her. My BF and I got A LOT of exercise since to take her outside we had to go down two flights of stairs. She went outside before each meal, after each meal, after playing, in the middle of night at least twice. Its a lot of work but it pays off in the end. It also helped that my BF was out of work when we got her (only good thing about that!) so some one was always there to take her out.

Good luck with your pup!