Potty Training issue. Need help ASAP.


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Recently, our 8 month old puppy has been "going" on the floor. My mom hates it and basically throw's her out the door(Not Literally. She drags her by the collar outside because she's too lazy to reach on the table and grab the leash). My mom hates her and wants to get rid of her. Luckily, my Dad LOVES her to death.

But we're having issues. She didn't have potty training issues for 2 months. But then she just started. I'm not for sure what happened.

We don't really have a schedule for her. But she's usually take out 1-2 times an hour. She gets rewarded by getting out to play AND getting praised.

But we're not for sure what to do and we're really hoping that she learns the potty training thing.

Our trainer is currently selling these bells that you teach your dog to ring by touching it with their nose or paw. But we're not for sure if we should use it or not.


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If this issue just recently started, my guess is your puppy has a bladder infection.


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We had HUGE issues with our corgi and house training and he didn't really stop peeing in the house until we taught him to ring a bell. Worth a try if the normal way of training doesn't work.