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    I just bought Missy a classic large kong, Pipers extreme xlarge kong is on the way. I made sure to give the kong to Missy first because, I wanted to let her know this is your toy. Well know after having it for a few minutes she won't let Piper touch it. She is showing her teeth and whining. Piper just wants to play with her with the toy. Piper is standing beside Missy giving her the cute puppy stare. Should I let Missy be possessive over it or should I take it away from her every time she is being possessive over the toy or something else? I've never had this problem with them they've always played with the toys together. Oh and I don't want Piper chewing on it, I don't mind her playing with it with Missy. But as soon as Piper goes to chew it I'll take it.

    Totally spelled the title wrong "Possessive" Wish we could edit the title like we can the text.
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    I find not being able to edit the title REALLY annoying too.

    I wouldn't worry too much yet. I'd just put Missy's kong away for now until Piper's comes and then start over again. When they each have a kong of their own you'll probably find the whole problem disappears.

    Even if the problem doesn't disappear you'll probably find it much clearer how to intervene - if Missy takes both Kongs and won't play you'll know she is being possessive, or Piper might ignore her own kong and still try to pester Missy and that might be more about Piper needing to learn that Missy needs Missy-alone-kong-time. :rolleyes:
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    Thanks R_dog. My mom had bought an Extreme large black kong but didn't care for the small size and was going to exchange it for a new one. But when she saw her trying to play with Missy's she ended up giving the black on to Piper. Well when Piper saw that Missy didn't have hers she would drop her own and go take Missy's. Well I made the mistake of not being in the same room as they were.... I was cooking and kept going in the living room to check on her. Piper got a hold of Missy's:( she ripped the top part and left some deep chew marks where the kong can know be pulled apart. It's not horribly damaged just a little. I'm hoping it can the company will replace it. If they give me my money back I'll be buying another extreme kong so I don't have to worry about Piper ruining the classic.
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    Thanks. It is Missy just wanting to have her own kong time. Right know her and Piper are playing with the black kong, but earlier Missy had it and would let Piper have it. I've started putting Missy in my room with it if she wants to have the kong to herself and giving Miss Piper(AKA we must do everything together) something else to do. Piper is That annoying little sister who doesn't know what alone time means.:giggle:
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    You can't be everywhere at once!

    Sounds like a good idea.

    I'm sure you are on the right track with just giving Missy some time to enjoy her Kong in peace. The fact that they are able to share sometimes suggests it isn't a really big issue. If Piper was able to take a hint Missy wouldn't have to be so obvious about her warnings and we would think nothing of it! I'd keep reviewing the situation though just in case their attitudes change.
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