Jean Cote

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A clicker is only used to pinpoint the behavior that you are reinforcing. You can use a word like 'yes' instead of a clicker.

At the price of a clicker (around $2), may I ask why you don't want to train using a clicker?


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I use a verbal marker like yessss when I don't have my clicker handy. Just a word you normally would not say a lot in conversation so that it's rather novel for the dog.


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she is getting really good at it but she wags her tails sometimes and she dies a slow death for her trick. Does anyone know how to make her play dead faster


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I kind of like the drama and having to shoot my dog twice...it's very funny. She often needs CPR to come back to life so we added that in as part of the routine when she wouldn't "un-die" because she wanted another treat. So I pat on her ribs and say oh no we need CPR. Then she'll spring up for her treat. But to speed up death you could click and treat just for the final result and repeat a couple of times. With good enough treats the end should come quicker and quicker. Meaty stinky yummy treats work best. :msngiggle: