Play Cards With Your Dog


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I have trained a similar trick, i call it his "card trick"

I fan out some cards, and ask Buddy to pick a card, any card.

Buddy picks one (1) card from the deck of cards.<-----THIS was hardest step of whole trick, but, it was not that hard to get Buddy to realize, i want him to remove one (1) card, not five, not half the deck, just one(1) card!:ROFLMAO:

I show it my dog, and tell him to memorize what card he picked out.
I show it to whoever is watching,so they know what card Buddy picked out.
Buddy looks at the card, to memorize what card he picked out. (hee hee)

then i put card into deck,
and i hold up a wrong cards, asking Buddy, "is this your card?"
no reaction from buddy.

another wrong card, "is this your card?"
no reaction from Buddy.

then i hold up correct card,
(the one he had picked out of deck) "How about this one? is that it?"
and buddy BARKS when he sees his card again.:D

It appears my dog can recognize his card and identify it when he sees it again!!!! this was VERY EASY trick to teach to Buddy.


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//None if my dogs pick anything up LOL//

Here's the way i taught Buddy to pick up things on cue:
(first few moments explain how to get dog to pick up an item, i began with items Buddy enjoys carrying in his mouth, and then, advanced to items he was less interested in having in his mouth)

I have used this cue, to help with steps of his "get a cold one!" (get a beer) trick***,
as well as his "pick up your toys" trick, and "get the keys" trick,and probably other tricks, too.
"Pick up" ----Is a great stepping stone for multiple other tricks, imo.

***we could not say "get a beer" as Buddy's cue for "speak" is "Buddy, wanna beer?" BARK!:ROFLMAO:
SO we had to come up with different words for "get a beer" trick.:rolleyes:



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What would be really cool, is if i knew a "real" card trick, that Buddy could participate in with me, but, i don't know a "real" card trick,:oops: my trick is just making it seem like Buddy is "recognizing" the correct card:D , that he had drawn out of the deck,
when he sees it again.

(which is NOT the case at all, Buddy was trained to bark at whichever card i held in my RIGHT hand, using different position of my hand, with my eyebrows lifted, and slight variation in the words i used). so buddy had multiple cues,:ROFLMAO: really, to trigger him to bark "yes" when he saw his card again.
Buddy was trained to NOT react to cards held in my LEFT hand, but, humans watching don'tnotice i am using different hand to hold card i DO want Buddy to bark for. DTA MEMBERS might notice the change of hands, but, average ppl watching this trick, won't spot that.

some ppl use similar techniques, (training dog to perform to slight variations in fingers positions or foot positions or facial expressions, etc etc)
to make it appear their dog can "read" cue cards. :eek:

I've also heard, that dogs can learn to actually distinguish one written word from another on cue cards.:eek: For example, the dog learns to know to "sit" when you hold up card with "sit" on it, and learns to rollover, when you hold up card with "rollover" written on it.
I don't know if that is true, or not.

see, i'd just cheat, and train dog to notice my hand or foot position, or facial expression, etc.:ROFLMAO:

Tâmara Vaz

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I was thinking on this some days ago!( On making a real card trick with the dog)
There are some easy to do real card tricks...You can find them on kids magic kits and probably on youtube too!
But I'm still teaching the card trick to Laika...And the trick Buddy does now is already pretty awesome!!!!!!!!

I also heard that dogs can learn to "read"!!! I printed papers with "Sit" and "Auf" to try to make laika distinguish them. Not a great sucess STILL!!


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//I printed papers with "Sit" and "Auf" to try to make laika distinguish them. Not a great sucess STILL!!//

Tamara, i hear some dogs can learn to distinguish the actual lettering/word on a sign,
but, like i said,
another option you could try is,
for "sit" hold cue card with all 8 fingers on front of card,
or in your LEFT hand,
or, with both hands on top of card.

and train Laika to follow "auf" (?)
if you have only one finger of each hand on front of card,
or hold card in your RIGHT hand,
or hold card with one hand on each outer border of card.

etc. You can also use verbal cues, to assist Laika to associate your hand position, foot position, or facial expression,-------- with what you want her to do,
and then fade out the verbal cues.