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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by Aleron, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Aleron Active Member

    Training while playing with my PyrShep pup Savvy:

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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    LOOKS FUN!! Amazing stay during toy being swung around!! Nice work!! Looks like a VERY happy doggie!!
  3. mewzard Experienced Member

    Wow!! Amazing pup! I have got to get one of those toys! I have a toy on a string but i get SO dizzy using one...
    I love how you are covered in mud at the end - thats how i end up, but i use it as a gauge for how much fun we've had!!
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  4. Amateur Experienced Member

  5. Aleron Active Member

    Thanks everyone! We definitely had a great time and I tend to agree on the thoughts about getting muddy :)

    The toy is a horse lunge whip - you can usually buy them for $10 or so.
  6. mewzard Experienced Member

    I bought a lunge whip and tied a toy on, 15m later Oka was shattered, i was tired, both happy and we got a little impulse control worked in there too. I wish i'd bought it before!!
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  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    hmm, this looks so fun, and now, i'm convinced i need to check this out for myself. I wonder if i could tweak one of our older fishing poles to do this?
    maybe, tying a rope to the end of it, not using "fishing line" at all, but just tie some type of cord to the end of it.....

    i bet Buddy is gonna love this!
    (leaves to go look over our fishing poles...)
  8. mewzard Experienced Member

    it should work they are made for dragging fish out of the water, so it should be ok for Buddy to pull on.
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  9. Bosun Well-Known Member

    off to look for a similar set up!!! Terrific idea, I'm sure Bosun would love it! I cannot out run him, but I think I could out maneuver him for a while, at least!

    love that the pup is having fun! Really good job on the self control work! Impressive!
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