Picture Party!

Hayley Thompson

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Just want to post some favorite pictures of Riley! Feel free to post special or funny pics of your pooches too!!
I was getting ready one day and Riley decided she needed a nap!

She's great at helping with Analytical Chemistry!

My niece wanted to buy Riley an outfit for Christmas but it was a little small...

She couldnt wait to see all the presents Santa bought her for Christmas!!

Riley decided to carve her own pumpkin last halloween...

...She was so proud of her finished jack o' lantern!

She looooves to play soccer!!

And enjoys nice long trail walks with mom and dad!

She usually only sings with mom, but thought it would be funny to sing with Dad...he's not much of a singer though!!

LOL and that is the life of Riley!!! We want to hear and see the life of your dogs!!



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Omg I love this :love:
This should be stuck at the top page to show of all sorts of funny pics (:whistle: Jean :love:)
I love your pics Hayley,will have to get photobucket fired up for some real cute pics of my boy now :LOL::LOL:

(my,you could enter an "Angelina Jolie" competition with the first pic:p,the x-mas outfit pic is just a giggle fest :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)


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My baby's first attempt to try out his bed within the first hour of being home :love::love::love:

(will post this to just see whether or not I ve done it right :p:LOL::LOL::LOL:)

URGH,ok,will have to try again,I know I have done it right before :oops:O_o

:poop::ninja::poop: bare with me :rolleyes::cautious::whistle:


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Second try :ninja::LOL:
First day home

Whoop whoop,it works . . . beware,lots more to come now :LOL::LOL::LOL:
After his very first bath :love:

(my son will kill me for this:ninja::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)
A morning cuddle:love:

Fastwarding to 4 month old,leaving a treat on his paw:love:

Kid friendly :LOL: (she walked him round the house by a sock :ROFLMAO:)

Hayley Thompson

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LOL i loooove those pictures Dodge!!!! I especially love the one where he has the treat on his paw...which looks fake by the way because the treat is so little and he is so BIG!!!


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Not finished guys,she wants to put on more :rolleyes::rolleyes:
Winter was well lush

With his two mates we meet up with every day:love:

Oh yeah and course with mother (though the hair s not this colour anymore(n))

Suppose this ll do for now :eek::eek::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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LOL i loooove those pictures Dodge!!!! I especially love the one where he has the treat on his paw...which looks fake by the way because the treat is so little and he is so BIG!!!
:LOL::LOL::LOL:LOL!! Those was shop bought little treats,which I dont buy anymore,yeah it does look a bit odd :ROFLMAO:
Dodge says thank you,he s a little star (in my eyes) looking forward to pics of everybody else (y):love:

Hayley Thompson

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And I love the picture of Dodge when he is close up to the camera...just like a little kid..."hey mom, what are you doing there with that thing, let me see!!!"


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:ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:wow,proper impressed with your pics,they are wonderfull,I have to start with the bubbles (crickey,Dodge would be flying through the air after them!) just so cute,the little tip of his tongue!!!:love:and his coat looks like its born to give cuddles!!!
The second one really made me giggle!!! Has he got a sausage in his mouth?!?!???? His face should be on a birthday card :D
The other pics are just toooooo cute,too,he most certainly looks VERY VERY intelligent (y):love:(y):love:


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I have had sooo much fun looking at all of your pics!!! I have to go to bed, so I will not post anything now... Have to get up early and I'm already late... Got sidetracked reading here:oops::D


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Thank you so much! :) Yes, he's got a sausage which he did get to eat afterwards. He is very easy subject to photograph posed, he keeps perfectly still until he hears the camera say click = treats!


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Here are mine!
Cooper 10 weeks old. We just got him from the breeder.

Smelling the "roses" 10 weeks old and already loving water and sand

Taking him shopping. People were asking in what isle they could find such a pretty dog:D

Playing with our cat Balou

Had this picture taken by a photografer, when he was about 6 months old

Teaching take a bow

Caught him right before a sneeze:D

Man in black:LOL:

Sleeping in bed, leaving no room for me:rolleyes:

Football support team from left to right: Shane, Cooper, Maya and Donja All wearing a tshirt with their names on it and the name of the team:cool:

At a puppyclass demo

My pit!!

Oh lord I could go on forever...


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Omg such cute puppies and doggies!! I have to laugh at how small Dodge was when he came home .... you'll see why in a second..
Oka at 5 weeks (at breeders house)

My OH carrying Oka in on the day we brought her home....she is 8 weeks old here. Dodge was tiny!

Watching the neighbours:

My daughter... she was getting something from under Oka as "Oka is not comfy"... This is my GSD's are SO(!) vicious picture ;):D

Woooo! the start of the ball adoration...after MONTHs of playing with them

I do have an older son, but he still has odd moments about being around Oka, so i don't have many photos of them together...
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