People Of Ontario

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    Yes must be just for people in Ontario, sorry couldn't help.
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    Signed ;)
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    signed AND commented.

    seriously: if dandy had "gone to the bad" from my mismanagement, i would stack him against a tiddly liddle pibble any day of the week - he used to EAT rocks! i mean he would get rocks and grind them up! he overtook a motorcycle doing 30kph and when we tested him with the sunfire (tied a moose bone to the bumper and had him chase us up the road), he hit 40kph before peeling off to jump into a swamp (which taught us a valuable lesson as we felt honour-bound to give him a ride home - the upholstery never quite recovered). from a sit, he can comfortably jump to the top of a retaining wall as high as my chest and when he wanted out of the pen, from a sit, he sailed over the fence, lightly tapped my shoulder in passing overhead, and was outtie.

    i count my blessings every day that all this physical prowess comes with a heart of pure gold and a nature that is nothing but sunshine.

    but it's not fair that if he got into a fight with a staffie, the staffie would be shot and i'd get a stern warning and a fine.
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    Thanks :)
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