Pedigree,mix Breed Or Mutt?

What do you like more?

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i gotta agree with you there! I've had both pure and mixed....And the've been great dogs :)


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I LOVE them all, but now a days, would never buy a crossbreed, as the irresponsibility, and greediness of people who breed crossbreeds sickens me. When I was 7 we got a Springer x American Cocker for nothing. She was a rehome and was originally sold for $50.... Now they're called "Sprockers" and sold for upwards of $500... Sickening.

As for lovability, training ability and workability, I really could care less. I've had 3 Purebreds, 2 Crossbreeds, and 3 Mutts, in my lifetime, and that doesn't include the many fosters and my sister's dogs. All have been absolutely perfect dogs, and the only one that had any sort of health issues was my "Sprocker" who had Hypothyroidism, (Well my Dad's GSD got Parvo as a pup ummm 30 years ago before vets in N. Saskatchewan really knew what Parvo was, and though he pulled through, he was never right after that) the rest were and so far are healthy.


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Love them all:love:

With pedigrees and first time crosses you can predict their personality and traits more easily but there's always the exception! As for mutts - I love their originality - you'll never get another one - totally unique - but hey so are pedigrees - so yeah love them all!


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My son has a mutt named Bailey, mostly collie and lab mix. She is doing wonderful and such a beautiful dog!! At the age of two, she developed addison's disease. She nearly died :cry:but she now will be on two different steroids for the rest of her life. We love Bailey and she's doing fine now. She's just a little overweight. So I love them all too!! It doesn't matter if what kind of dog they are....they are all so special!!;)


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I love them all, but would never give money for a purebred, i'd rescue one, YES, but financially support a backyard breeder, would not cross my mind......I think if we all STOPPED buying from BYB, (pups in petstores are almost invariabley from BYB) the AKC sponsored BYBs would stop cranking out sooooo many litters when we HAVE a severe dog-overpopulation crisis already.

80% of AKC purebreds DO come from puppy mills. (not *all* AKC registered puppies are from puppy mills, but the vast majority ---80%-----of AKC pups are born in puppy mills.) 15% of breeders do "some" testing prior to mating.

but yes, yes, there IS the rare breeder----five percent (5%)----- who DOES DO full extensive health testing of the entire family tree of BOTH parents, specifically breeding dogs to help reduce crippling deformities and disorders so so common in many breeds.

LIke the King Charles Spaniel, so hard to find one that does NOT have syringomyelia in one form or another now, (even their top show dogs with ribbons have it)
and it is a horrific disease caused by trying to meet the AKC beauty standard for round heads on a dog.

Or what the latest AKC beauty standard has done to the GSD hip over the last few decades.....just sad, they are all getting crippled so young now. The GSD of even 40 years ago had an entirely different, and better functioning hip.

I could go on and on, but, i won't.
I'm all about dog HEALTH, and have an emotional revulsion to what some of the AKC beauty standards does to the dogs' HEALTH and functionality.

but, i love all dogs. It's not THEIR fault they are being mutated to meet an arbitrary AKC beauty standard...

So far as knowing a personality, the shy dog DOES show up from birth on, you can spot them in the litter box, and shyness can strike ANY breed,
as can the aggressive dog, which doesn't manifest til about 9 months old. Shyness or aggression can strike a dog of any breed at all, and both can be very difficult to work with, but wow, you DO learn a lot doing it though!!

but, it's true, seeing a breed can give you a pretty good idea of their energy level, but, like someone else said above, there are exceptions. But to see a dog's personality, OF ANY BREED, you almost have to wait til they are 9 to 12 months old sometimes, to see if the pup did --or did not---- get the aggression gene. (that is my opinion).


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Oka is a mix-breed by your poll. she is GSDxNI but the NI was 'made' around 1985 by crossing GSD, malamute, husky (and possibly something else). So i guess Oka is kind of a "stylised mutt", as NI's are not a recognised breed.
Oka is a very odd mix of traits from both the NI and the GSD.
I couldn't say with type i like more though as we've only had her as a reference..


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I can't vote... I like all dogs...Mixed, pedigree I don't care. I fall in love(or dislike) when I look into a dogs eyes. Honestly, some mutts are so ugly, you have to love them:D
The reason I chose a pedigree dog, was ...besides the looks, that I wanted a dog who was willing to work. Not saying that mixes and mutts won't work, mind you!
Anyway, that went horribly wrong when I got Cooper:D Doesn't like frisbee, doesn't like obedience, does like agility, but has physical problems...