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  1. pepsie899 New Member

    Hi, I'm Malia and have you ever heard of the breed papillon(pronounced: pap-ee- yawn)? If not, I will tell you some information about the breed. Papillons are small toy dogs that are small, lively and bright. Their name "papillon" means butterfly in French because their ears are shaped like butterfly wings. The other version of the papillon is the phalene(pronounced: fay-leen), which has the same markings as the papillon but it has drop ears. Phalene means moth in French. Papillons aren't very common but are great pets. How do I know? I have a papillon myself! Her name is Pepsie and she is my best friend:doglaugh:. She's 3 years old. At times she is very hyper, but mostly she will just be lazy and lay down on the couch:dogtongue2:
    Papillons vary in height and weight but their height (at the shoulders) is usually 8in to 11in. If you want a small companion that is lively and highly active I highly reccomend a papillon for you.:doghappy:. I do not reccomend with small children around because their bones are very delicate.
    The papillon is a very unique breed. For more info go to and for images of the breed go to google images and search for papillon dog.:dogbiggrin:
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  2. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Thanks for posting this information. Papillons are a breed that was suggested as a possible good match for me because of their intelligence and because they are so social. I will continue to consider them as a possibility in the future.
  3. curry Member

    I have a Papillon too and can only recommend them. They are little Border Collies and don't deserve the very boring life they often get because they are small and cute.

    My Papillon is very active and always willing to work with me. He does very good on Clickertraining and loves Mantrailing.
  4. Ina Well-Known Member

    Oh, they are beautiful .. small border collie you say ..hmmm... that would be an alternative for me ;-)
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  5. curry Member

    Yes, I would recommend them if you want to work with your dog. But there are no working- or show-bloodlines, so you have to look a little bit for the breeder and the parents. And of course at "your" future dog. But a good breeder should know his dogs and can tell you what his former offspring does with the new owners.
  6. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I've seen 3 or 4 papillons doing agility, they are fabulous little dogs, they work nicely.
    If I'll ever have a dog of this small size, I'll definitely have a papillon. :D
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  7. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    They sure are cute little dogs. I LOVE the ears:love:!!!

    Mantrailing? Where do you learn that skill? I have always wanted a dog that could "seek" scents. I am encouraged by the fact that you use your (gorgeous) Papillon for this type of work. Simply amazing:D. I learn something new every time I come here to DTA.
  8. curry Member

    In Germany Mantrailing gets very popular. My other dog Luna, a Kelpie-Husky-Mix, began Mantrailing 3 years ago with my boyfriend. After a break because we moved they wanted to start again and Mattis and I came with them. I hadn't expected that Mattis liked it, but he really did a great job, way better then we ever thought.
  9. Hillary Well-Known Member

    I have 3 papillons :) Absolutely fantastic breed.
  10. Kaysie Member

    I have two right now and think I'll always have them. Love the breed!!!!
  11. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Curry, that's what I've read! That Papillons are like little Border Collies as far as intelligence and personality. That (and the fact they are so adorable) is why I'm planning to have one as my next dog! :) Sadly I can't have another dog for a while, but it's something to look forward to. :D Anyone wanna share pictures of their beautiful Papillons?
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  12. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    I just realized how old this is! I hope it's okay that I resurrected it!
  13. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    I am glad you did...I would like to hear as much about them as possible!
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  14. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Me too!! And pictures! Hopefully some of the Papillon owners will come back to this thread again.
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