Our very first agility competition! :o)


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The time has arrived, we finally entered our very first official agility competition! :dogsmile:
It was yesterday, on the 26th of September.

Here's the video:

About the runs:
Open agility: This was my favorite run from the 3, although it was a dis, as she went out of the course when she saw a basket next to the slalom... Otherwise it could have been a clean run.
Open jumping: A little bit pathetic. Somehow her mood was a little bit low, she walked through the "long jump" (I don't know its proper name...), the interesting thing about that is that she didn't know it down... XD Then couldn't enter the weaves, then there was something bad about the chute (some other dogs got stuck in it too, even more than Pami), and if that wasn't enough, she jumped a jump from the wrong side... And we were painfully slow... :dogbiggrin:
A1 agility: We ended up winning this category, with one little problem at the weaves (it looks like she is a little allergic to unknown weave poles, I hope practice will get her through that). Look how cute she is when she gets nervous about the judge running next to her at the dog-walk! :dognowink::dogbiggrin: Aaaand, I just love her A-frame contacts, it was totally perfect! :msnblushing:

And I just got addicted to competing... I want MORE!!!! :msngiggle::msngiggle:


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She did great and so did you! I can't wait to enter my first competition. Might not be for a year or more but I am still looking forward to it!


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Yeay! Well Done! Pami's tail was wagging so much...looks like she really enjoyed it too. And well done on your win!


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Thank you!! :)

Yes, it seems like she loves agility, she is always so happy when around some obstacles! :)


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There must be some good smelly dropped treats or something out there. Very nice front crosses and focus on you in particular. I can see why you're hooked you have a great natural talent for this. :dogcool: Great work Pami too!!


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Thank you! :)
No there was nothing in that basket, she just HAD to take a look... XD
And for the natural talent thing... :blushing: Thanks! :)