Our First Agility Competion


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Yesterday, Jinx and I went to our first agility competition.
And we did well!! I am so proud of my girl!!
We didn't win anything, but I did not go there expecting to win.
I just wanted to see if she would be able to deal with the competition atmosphere: the noise, the people, the dogs, strange settings.
And she was not impressed:D She had fun and did the course as if she was training at our homebase;)
Our basecamp:D The girl in the front is my trainer. I am the second person.

Coming out of the tunnel


Flat tunnel

Jinx is flirting with the fotographer:love:

On top of the world:D Over the A-frame

Barking in the weavepoles:rolleyes:

Going over the dogwalk(funny, we call it the catwalk:D)

The long jump

Enjoying the nice weather

Waiting for the next round

Jinx waiting and watching the dogs in the ring. She was so well behaved, unlike some other dogs, who were barking all the time.

And here are the vids of our team. The first has two rounds, Jinx and I run second and further on in the vid, also second in the second round.
The vid of the last round, Jinx and I run second.

We placed 7, 16 and 32. In our last run we set a pretty good time, but Jinx was tired and knocked 3 barrs, so we ended low in ranking.
But I am soooo very proud of her, she did great on her first competition. We had so much fun!!!
Now I have to wait to get my startinglicense, so I can start to compete in the national competitions.


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You and Jinx did GREAT!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE the pics!!!! And the videos!!!!!:love::ROFLMAO::love::ROFLMAO:
Glad you had fun!!!! I still have a L...O...N...G way to go with Shivon until she becomes as good as Jinx!!!:D


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Awesome! Love those pics and looks like you and Jinx both had a wonderful time :)

I'd love to do agility or flyball or something like that with Evie when she's older


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I gave her a bath on saturday;) Now she really is white again, instead of pale yellow:D Did that hoping to get rid of the smell a bit(she had been in heat)
But I am sooooo very proud of her. She is my champion. She loves this so much and we will see what a little more practise will bring us.
I don't care about winning(though it would be nice:ROFLMAO:) as long as we have fun.
I saw people get mad at their dogs, something I just don't understand. It was a practise competition and mostly it was not the dogs fault.
I am not a competetive person, so I really don't get this. Sure I get disappointed when thing don't go as I had in mind, but I would never, ever blame my dog for doing his/her best.


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Those dogs are really good.

I have a question about the agility. I'm going to do agility with Holly (Pugx) so I was wondering how the little dogs do on the A-frames and see-saws?
I know she probably wont get to even try it till she is older but most of the other equipment can be made to suit a little dog except the A-frames a see-saws. I think Holly will be around 5kg's when she is fully grown (she's about 4.5kgs now at nearly 6 months).

and what are the tents for?


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// I saw people get mad at their dogs, something I just don't understand................Sure I get disappointed when thing don't go as I had in mind, but I would never, ever blame my dog for doing his/her best.//

Anneke, i so entirely agree with your eveyr word there. every single word of that whole post. I so agree. Ppl do this with their children, too, equally maddening.
I just don't ever feel anger at my dog, i don't. No big struggle for me to not to feel it, i just don't, never crosses my mind. at all. I don't get it either, Anneke.:oops:



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Congrats! You guys did great!:) Nice recovery in the weaves in the first round, its tough for beginner dogs to hit those and stick with them through a set of 12! Lucky and I just went to our first trial in January, so we're still Novices also, I'm sure we probably have a lot in common! I also love to see Novice classes from different countries than America to see the difference in training and course in the beginning, not just at worlds. So, anyways, you guys rocked! You guys have a great agility career ahead of you!