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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Sara Carson, May 15, 2012.

  1. Sara Carson Experienced Member

    Hi everyone!
    Who wants to take some trick classes from the youngest certified trick dog instructor in the world? I know you want too because you can also earn trick titles!!

    I am offering these online trick classes!
    NTD: Novice Trick Dog [IMG]
    ITD: Intermediate Trick Dog
    ATD: Advanced Trick Dog
    ETD:Expert Trick Dog

    Each class is 70$ for one month.
    The 70$ includes:
    *Title application fee
    *Custom videos/Skype
    *One-On-One Help
    *Do More With Your Dog Wrist Band

    If you are interested in participating Classes start NOW!
    Email me at OR message me here~
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Yes!!!! AWESOME IDEA, SARA!!!!!!!:D
  4. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    Good luck with the classes - Hero is a fabulous dog and you have done amazing with him!
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