One Of Those Days!

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    We all have them! Mine started with me changing our routine. Due to the soaring mercury and a dose of sunburn, I decided to do training early in the morning. Now this is when I generally just play with Ra Kismet. And yes, you've guessed it, all he wanted to do was play! I tried everything to gain his attention and divert his high octane energy into training, to no avail. So with the mercury soaring, I retreated in defeat to inside and the air conditioning.

    The other night, slight digression just to set the scene, my partner decided to buy Ra Kismet a soccer ball which was "Zeus Proof". I suggested the Jolly Red Ball, but no, that was deemed unsuitable as it wasn't a 'proper football", not round, wouldn't bounce, too hard blah blah blah. He (partner) knew what Ra Kismet wanted!!!!!!!!! A couple of hours of intense surfing the web, many' no, not suitables' later, partner decided on what has to be the most expensive dog ball on the market! Coming just around three dollars shy of one hundred dollars (including package/post) it was the ONLY ball deemed suitable for Ra Kismet. This was last Friday.

    Today (Monday) a very excited partner came in waving a postal delivery docket, which stated that the attempt to deliver a large parcel failed, etc. and same could be collected from a far flung branch of Australian Post which, had it been further away from my home, would not have even been still in the country! Plus, I would need to present a Drivers License (I don't drive) or a Shooters License (I don't shoot) to be eligible to collect the parcel.

    Partner has a drivers license, so after much long winded explanations about the car not running to well (I think it was, like me, over heating) he finally agreed to drive to the said far flung outpost and collect the parcel. I, stupidly, elected to go with him, even though the card had been duly signed, witnessed (didn't quite need a J.P.) stating 'another person' was allowed to collect the parcel.

    The drive was anything but peaceful! Partner embarked on a tedious and to me, incomprehensible explanation, of all the clunks coming from the car. All of which were apparently terminal and a new car would soon be needed!

    We arrived and partner left me sitting in a broiling hot car (air cond went of course) because he decided to leave the motor running - hummm with a car over heating -- oh well what do I know!

    Back to the car with parcel, which just HAD to be opened on the spot! It got worse! Partner was not happy with the ball. It's too hard, will not bounce, doesn't look the same as the one advertised (despite having Aussie Staffie Ball all over it and the warranty tag). On and on he went, moan, moan, moan! Car had the right idea! It decided it had had enough and refused to budge! Great! The long trek began, with partner still moaning away. Reads warranty "If your dog doesn't like the ball we will refund" Screeching noise from partner "what about ME" - my reply "Woof Woof".

    Half way home, hot, tired and dusty and fearing yet another dose of sunburn, partner realized he had locked the house keys in the car. Fortunately, having been through a few similar experiences, I had the forethought to bring mine. So we proceeded on, to the dirge of complaints about the very expensive new toy.

    Home! Ra Kismet was duly shown his new ball, which I have to add has a rattle inside. Ra Kismet isn't used to footballs which rattle, so of course, at first he tried to 'talk back to the ball'. Zeus, not to be left out, assisted in this conversation and the ensuing noise was a bit ear splitting. Partner also added his bit with 'see he doesn't like it' and like comments. Best of which was, when Ra Kismet let out a particular high pitched yelp "he's hurt himself, the balls too hard". Ummm, didn't partner see the madly wagging tail?

    After what seemed like an eternity, Ra Kismet finally got the message about his new ball, and decided to ignore the rattle and get on with what he loves most, playing soccer.

    Partner finally realized that, despite all his gloom and doom predictions, Ra Kismet actually LOVES his new Ball. And Zeus, well he retired defeated - so far! The ball definitely appears to be "Zeus proof"!. I retired once more to the air conditioned inside and left them to play!
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Haha, love the post!!!!! Made my day!!!!:ROFLMAO: (Sorry to be laughing at your misfortune, LOL) Glad Ra Kismet LOVES his new ball!!!! (and that it's Zeus-proof):) PICS PLEASE!!!!!!:D
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    Oh my, sorry to say, I was laughing too! :ROFLMAO: Holy cow, having to drive 1/2 way across the country to get this ball, that dog had better like it (whether he does or not!!!) :eek::confused::LOL::ROFLMAO: Sorry about the day, but you made my morning. Read it quickly before work, but no time to reply. So glad that Rakins does actually like his new ball - and how great that Zeus wasn't able to tear it up!(y) As for partner griping about it not working and not liking it - dogs know good stuff, don't they? And he doesn't have to like it - as long as they do! :LOL: So glad it worked out (esp after all that!!). :cool::LOL:
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    Thank you guys:D It did have it's funny side much better to laugh than cry and moan.:D

    Dogster will post pics a.s.a.p. but felt too sick last night (touch of sunstroke and spent the night vomiting after I went to bed of course made a mad exit out of bed scattering dogs right left and center) to take any.:sick:

    Absolutely Jackie!!!!!!! I did point that out to my partner, it was Rakins who had to like the ball, not him! I had everything crossed Rakins WOULD love his new ball, believe me, I would have left home if he hadn't! Zeus so far hasn't been able to destroy this ball, miracles do happen, at a price:D
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