One dog that isn't scared of water!

Jean Cote

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Here is a video of one dog who isn't scared of water! :D



I could see Emma doing that.(if only I had a pool like that :dogblink:) She LOVES the water! In fact, we have had a few days of 60-70 degree weather, so Emma must have thought it was swimming season. When we were in the back yard last night, she took a headlong jump into her pool (just a 4 foot diameter kiddie pool) that was filled from melted ice and snow over the winter. She didn't mind the cool water at all. She stayed in for several minutes!:dogtongue2:


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Can't close my pool

I can't close my pool until I get one of those safety covers that an elephant can walk on. I tried a tarp cover and Canon just walked right out on it. I was going to be scuba diving to get her out of the pool all winter if I tried that one.

She swam all winter long in the pool. It really did not slow her down much. She loves the water and her swimming pool. She is a water dog, so I guess it is her thing. Her sister does not really like to swim. No water over her ankles please! She too is a water dog. I have great videos of her swimming, I need to get them edited and up on Youtube!:msncool:


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That was indeed very funny! But my dog loves water too , he likes to "bite" the waves.When i first saw him i was very impressed because i thought he will get scared of the water.I live by the sea and thank God i have the oportunity to take him down to the beach and have a good time!