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    My dog is so cute and fluffy well maybe not the fluffy part........... if you like big dogs you will lovee her!!! she is a female german shepherd, but is soooo sweet!!! i would upload a picture, but my computer shuts down whenever i try :dogsad: sorry...... i luv this webiste!!!
    support the pitbulls and go to the Villalobos Rescue Center website!!!

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    Stupid rule

    why do i hafta make 10 posts to have links???:dogangry:
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    Gotta go dinner is ready bi bi 4 now!!!:msnblushing:
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    Because otherwise spam bots put links all over the forum.
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    Ping 10 says
    i guess your right......sorry
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    fairy tales can come true

    we have fairy tale dreams, so can't animals have fairy tale dreams too? why not? everyone can (even animals)!
    the one dream i think animals want is to be loved by people who will love them. support your local animal shelter or the ASPCA today and full-fill an animals one dream. i hope you will read this and think of your pet (if you have one) and imagine what it would be like if that animal was unloved. thank you. :dogsmile:

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