Oliver's 6 Mile Walk


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last weekend, before I sprained my ankle and possibly broke my toe! It's going to have to last him until I can walk again!

He's back down to skinny again... he gained a little weight over the winter :)

See the pretty pair of Geese?

Yeah, so did Oliver...

Then they flew away, after leading him all the way across the slough, so he had to come back!

Notice the little bit of green? It's finally starting to look like spring!!!

But maybe the geese have come back?

I like this shot

You want me to look where?

Maybe over here?

Mom, there's noisy water coming out of here... what's in it?

And a final shot

I figured he'd crash for sure! He ran around like a loon for most of it, chasing birds, geese, mule deer (not that he had a chance, I barely saw the back of their heads as they popped out of the coulee, but Ollie's nose knew something was there!) seeing horses up close and personal, hunting mice, following every smell he came across, and playing fetch when there was nothing better to do.... Nope, he wanted a game of arm chair fetch when we got home!!!

Honestly, I'd put his energy level up against a Border Collie's any day! the monster!


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OH NOooooo, so sorry to hear about your toe!! Hope you get well soon!! Well, luckily, it looks Ollie can do his own running, even if you are laid up!!

Ollie is so so cute!!

//Honestly, I'd put his energy level up against a Border Collie's any day! the monster!//
I bet you are 100% right!!:ROFLMAO: I bet your Ollie could keep up or out-run/outlast most any BC!! i bet he could!!

I don't know if i think BCs are so much more energetic, i think it is more sort of BCs do not tolerate boredom as gracefully as some breeds do. I think BCs are more likely to be destructive when bored, whereas another dog may wait more patiently for something to do, than some BCs will.

I think it is more BCs have no patience for boredom, no tolerance for boredom. Buddy begins to get nutty if he has more than one or two boring days in a row. One, or sometimes two days, he is okay, but by day 3, he begins to act nutty, and starts "killling" his toys.... I would not want to see what would ever happen if he ever had 4 or more boring days in a row, i can not imagine...shiver!!

Certainly, there are dogs of any breed who will become destructive if bored, oh isn't that the truth!!!:ROFLMAO::rolleyes:
but, it seems the chances of having a dog become destructive if bored, seem higher with some BCs than with other breeds. i could be wrong, but, it seems that way to me.

Sara you rock at photography!!

What did Ollie think of the horses? Buddy freaks out about horses who are close by him, barks his head off. There are 3 horses down the street, and i *thought* i had Buddy all desensitized :D to those horses right beside him last summer, (2 of the horses come over to their fence soon as we go by)
but, this spring, Buddy showed me i get to start allllllll over again on that!! :ROFLMAO:
The look the horses give Buddy is priceless, like "What an silly dog, barking like that.." Buddy does not even bother the horses the slightest bit...they are very very cool, laid-back horses, very unphased by Buddy.


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<-----googles "coulee" and "slough" :ROFLMAO:

love your words!!

I loved the "Noisey Water" shot, and i loved especially, the "Maybe the geese have come back?" photo!!!!! Like a poster, or could be on a gift card.


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Yeah I think those terms are a prairie thing :)

The funny thing is, those photos were taken only with auto, as it was cloudy, so I knew I wouldn't be able to get really good shots. they turned out alright :)


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Well, you did awesome job on the photos, each and every one is lovely!! I can't even imagine knowing what settings to use. Sara, if i ever win the lottery, i will hire you to photograph my dog!!!