Old Dog Still Loves Learning New Tricks

Hi everyone,
My 13 year old dog Coleman has been learning tricks since I got him at 10 months and still loves learning new ones. Hoping to get new ideas here for us! This is a video of the most recent trick we've been working on. We've gotten to the point where I can hide both the peg and the box in different places and he can find the peg first and then find the box to put it in but I practiced it too much and he got bored so we are taking a break from that one.....


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That is a GREAT trick and a very good video too! I better keep all these baby shape sorter toys so Smokey can do that too one day.
Thanks for sharing!


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Awww, that is a great trick - your dawg is waaay cool!! :cool: Not only is Coleman using his nose to find the peg, he then uses his brain to put it in the hole. Great job!! You're keeping him young and giving him a job he can do! Great work!! :p


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Awesome job! keeping their minds busy really does keep them young!

I adore old dogs! Old dogs are the reward for getting through their puppyhood!