Old Dog Learning New Tricks Introducing Myself


The old dog is me (though only 32) and the new trick is me and clicker training. I have had dogs all my life got into the dog world 14 years ago with a Borzoi. She was a wonderful dog that did anything I asked of her with a little bit of sass! We did comp obedience and she LOVED it, we also did lure coursing which was magic to watch. For my first go at it I really lucked up with such a great dog. After her I got a border collie and later another Borzoi. I competed with all and really enjoyed it. So all of my babies have since passed on and now I find myself starting over and in a different direction. When I started out I learned the kind of old school way of teaching though i did change it up because my BC didn't do well with harsh correction. So this time around I have decided to go full steam into obedience and agility and really have fun and enjoy myself and make sure my kids are having as much fun as me.

Well I now currently own a 2-3 year old rescued Rat Terrier that had been kicked till he was black and blue and his trust for people was 100% broken. He has learned to trust me my family and the people that he sees often but still never trusts new people and normally fearful in new situations. He makes the perfect dog for my six year old little girl but I learned quickly that he would most likely never be able to really to take on the dog sports that I would want to get into. That being said he will never leave our home and will always be in toe at all the events just always hiding under foot where he feels safe.

I also have a 8mth old aussie that is smart as a whip and full of spunk!! She came to us a bit older then she should have and we still have to work through a bit of shyness that she has but she is coming along beautifully and I think will be able to do all that I had dreamed she could. We are currently doing ground work for agility, working on some basic obedience and also some trick training just for fun and learning to work together better and also a bit of Frisbee. I am looking forward to what we have in store for us in the future!



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Welcome to the DTA! Clicker training is sooo much more fun for the dogs eh? I'm still working on switching completely over, and I still have alot to learn... but the people on this site are some of the very best positive only trainers out there... and there's a ton of info!

I also have a badly abused little dog... I've had her for 7.5 years, and she's *almost* normal! They can take a long time, and sometimes will never be normal... but Zoe's happy! Incidently, I did some experimenting with the clicker and Zoe (who's noise phobic) I was very pleasantly surprised!!! Zoe did extremely well, and in only one session learned "shy"... then one day when I was showing my Mom Ollie's new trick involving a ball, Zoe seemed interested in trying... to get a treat anyway... well the dog who has to jump 6 feet over an extension chord, and takes 2 weeks before stepping on a new rug actually worked her way up to putting her front feet on the ball :eek::eek::eek:

I nearly fell over.

Clicker training is awesome!!!


Thank you so much Sara I am hoping that I will get tons of advise and help as time goes on with clicker training. I am looking forward to knowing all I can about it all really! I am glad to know that there are others out there with crazy dogs just like me that continue on and make them as happy as "they" can be. Scraps is a good guy and he loves us now if i could just make him see that the rest of the world will not kill him we would be doing good! LOL​


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Hi and a very warm welcome,I m looking forward to follow your future progress with your babes :love:(y)