old dog from Hokianga, New Zealand

old dog

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Hi all,
I have just followed my nose from a youtube lesson on "stay" that I liked.

After about sixty years directly shared with various dogs that I have loved, out of my current total of 73.
My family had always owned a number of greyhounds, I joined up with a stray part/kelpie when I was 9, and was taught heaps.
Apart from a few years as a student, and some travel years, I have had at least one dog.
So I have some well developed ideas of what I want between me and my dogs.
At present I have two whippets, live in a remote harbourside village, and spend most hours with the two of them, but we don't have many tricks.
They are whippets after all. :dogsmile:

Jean Cote

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You have 73 dogs? And I thought my life was tough with 2! HaHaHa :) Welcome to the DTA! Sorry for the late welcome.