Not been about for a while


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Hi joined here a little while back but haven't been on in ages so thought I would re introduce myself. I'm Abi, 22 from the UK. Last time I was on here we had 4 dogs Cody (almost 8 yo Springer) Bella (almost 7 yo Springer) Solo (almost 3 yo Border Collie) and Herbie (2 yo old Springer). We have now been joined by a gorgeous red merle Border Collie called Evo (now 4 months old). Haven't done much in the way of trick training with him just basics sit, down, stand, left and right spins, wait and general manners but now looking for more adventurous things to train him :dogbiggrin: so will be glued to the site looking for lots of great trick ideas.

Hope to speak to you all again soon


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:welcome: welcome BACK then!! Cute dog!! Yeah, i had to come back too, i was getting lazy about teaching Buddy anything new, had to get some inspiration..