Not All Fats Are Bad For Dogs

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    There is no question about it: excessive amounts of fat in a dog's diet can cause the dog's weight to balloon in a few short years, and can also destroy a dog's liver and pancreas. This is the reason why you should never give dogs excessive amounts of table scraps or left-over food. Table scraps are usually very poor substitutes for real dog food because these food items often have high fat and salt content. If fed exclusively on table scraps, your dog is getting only empty calories with little or no vitamins, minerals, protein, or roughage (dietary fiber).

    The big challenge for every dog owner is to strike a balance in their dog's daily diet, because you cannot completely phase out fat from a dog's diet. If you give your dog only carbohydrates and protein, your dog will also suffer. Fat is needed by a dog's body on the molecular level. But if you give your dog too much fat, your dog's weight will balloon.

    So what's the middle ground? Think omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are naturally occurring healthy fats that can be found in cold water fishes, and even in small aquatic inhabitants like krill. Unlike fat from beef or pork, omega fatty acids do not cause damage but still supply the chemical components needed by the dog for survival. Adding fish to your dog's diet is an ideal step toward optimum nutrition.

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    Or why not just feed your dog a balanced diet with the correct proportions of muscle and organ meat, fat, bone etc?

    As you correctly note the fat that causes a lot of trouble for dogs is in processed dog food and processed human food. However in my opinion it is a fallacy that fat from red meats cause problems per se. Whilst some dogs and wolves doubtless do catch fish the bulk of their natural diet is made up of four footed animals (and birds).
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