Norwegian rottie-owner


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I live in Norway, and got my second dog almost 4 months ago. Was looking for a working type German Sheperd, but a friend tossed this rottie-girl into my lap, and I had to see if we could make things work together. I had been looking after her some times during the months before I took her in, and couldn't just let my friend (who was taking care of her for the original owner) take her to the dog pond just like that (or is it dog pound? :D - Like I said before - I'm Norwegian ;) ).

Being a single mum for the last 16 years, I've not been able to give a dog as much as it needs, but now, my child is big, and as I'm currently unemployed, I finally had time to take on the joyful responsibilities of dog-ownership. :)
Enrolled in one doggy-class, hoping to do both tracking, some agility and more obedience classes and training when "Snow-Rottie" grows up physically and "basic "manners"-wise.

With my previous dog (German Sheperd/Tervuren mix, female) I trained some agility, obedience and blood-tracking. Plus walks walks walks, of course! :)

Anyway: I'm here to learn and to share. Currently focusing on getting the dog's territorial aggression under control, and making her stress levels go doooown.

"Talk" to you later! :)