Newby form over the pond !


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Hi I'm Penny and we have a Labradoodle called Maisy. She is 9 months old now and is full of character and confidence. She loves water, the dirtier the better :dogtongue:!!! We live in the south of England in a place called The New Forest. It is beautiful here but because of that, if the sun comes out, so do the visitors. This just makes traffic jams !!!!! So tend to stay at home on these days. We have always had GSD's before (5 of them) so when we told our daughter that we were not getting another, but a labradoodle instead, she was horrified. Since having Maisy, she now has a puppy on order:doglaugh: ( it is now 1 week old ! ). As for training, I am useless and would really love someone to come and do it for me. How lazy is that !!! :dogbiggrin: I'll have to do something as Suzi's puppy will be making Maisy look stupid. :msngiggle:So I will have to read all I can on this site and get out in the garden now the weather is improving. Bye for now.


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Welcome to the Academy, Penny! One of our other members is a fellow England inhabitant with a Doodle. Sweet, silly dogs. The classroom is a great place to start--it teaches all about how to use clicker training, all the basic tricks, as well as many intermediate and advanced tricks. The monthly challenges are a fun way to test you and your dog.

Welcome, enjoy the site, and good luck with Maisy!! :)


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Hi Penny

Welcome to DTA. Sue here with Milo, mini labradoodle from Godalming and you'll soon meet both Yvonne with Dude doodle and Lauren with Dexter doodle. We're all on here from the UK.

You might like to come and join us over on Doodle Times - I will have to PM you with an address as we were severely hacked a couple of weeks ago and the forum proper is down until we can get rid of the so and so.

You'll find this site invaluable - its been an inspiration for my trick training with Milo and he is very receptive to training - sure yours will be too. Any pics?