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Hi everyone, my name is Jenni from Australia. I have 7 dogs. Zac is a chocolate kelpie. Candie is a border collie x kelpie. Wiz is a kelpie x koolie. Spinner is a black kelpie. Sally and Molley are border collies and Charlize is a jack russel x. I am a foster carer for Australian Working Dog Rescue as well. I have 3 cats and 2 birds as well. My dogs and I love flyball and agility as well as tricks for fun.:)


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Welcome to DTA!
You sound like you have a real houseful, they must keep you busy!
My dog is called Zac too, he's a sighthound mix (we call them lurchers in England).
Looking forward to seeing you around the forums and hoping that you get lots of ideas for new tricks and training.


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thanks for the welcome from you both. Zac sounds lovely as all zacs
I do love the crazy dogs and flyball is a crazy sport, perfect for the full on type of dogs like kelpies and border collies. They all do flyball except for Candie who has hip displasia and so she is the one that I mostly do tricks with. She also is a therapy dog and she does a bit of obedience trialing. Her healing is pretty ordinary and so we need to sharpen up the focus a bit but I just like to have fun with my dogs so I dont get too stressed about that. I am sure I will enjoy the site.:)