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Hello everyone!

Tell you a bit about me hummmmmmmm? LOL Well i have been around dogs my whole life and my first dog was a BC named Woodstock. Now i have three little dogs two which are Jack Russell's and one that is a Chi. I have trained them all myself with positive methods using food or a toy, and even just straight praise as one of my dogs won't do much for a treat, but a toy and praise.

My dogs are not like the ones you hear about. That JRT's my not hyper like most you see or hear about, and my little Chi he's just a love bug. Dogs have always been a huge passion of mine ever since i can remember. So i went out looking for a dog training school so i can learn more, and i did. I learned that you can still use positive methods without the food which was something i never knew before, as i want to become a dog trainer in my area as there are a lot of dogs that i have come across who really needs help, well not the dogs so much, but the owners.:msngiggle: