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  1. rivsky Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm from Australia and am looking for some new tricks to teach my 3 year old Cavalier X River, we both love clicker training and find trick training is a good break from doing competition obedience and agility while still keeping his mind active.

    Off to get some ideas now - I'm specifically wanting to teach him something "useful" so can't wait to see what some of your ideas are :dogbiggrin:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    How about retrieving slippers or the remote control? Or turn the TV on or off! Or put his toys away in a basket? :)
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Or get his leash...or turn lights on/off...or get your keys...or get the phone...or get the, the possibilities are endless! Welcome to the Academy! Enjoy the site and good luck! :)
  4. ozjen Well-Known Member

    Hi All, I'm from Western Australia and am always looking for new tricks to teach my way too smart Australian Shepherd. As she is inclined to learn things in one lesson it is hard to keep up with her demand to learn more. She is my first clicker trained dog and I'm looking forward to extending our knowledge.
  5. ozjen Well-Known Member

    Handy trick

    Hi, I taught my Aussie to find my carkeys which I'm always loosing and she has found them in some places I would never have thought to look in a million years. The downside of this is that because she gets a big reward for finding them, I caught her once hiding them in her toybox. She didn't know I'd seen her take them off the sidetable and drop them in the toybox so when I asked her to find the keys, Whalla! straight to the toybox no need to sniff around, "here they are Mum, where's the treat". Consider yourself warned,:msngiggle: it is a handy trick though.
  6. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol Mud's almost got this one down but hasn't been hiding them. ^^ The one issue we've ever ran into with tricks like these was the early stage of this trick, I came home one day to tissues all over the living room...guess she had a runny nose, lol! ;)
  7. ozjen Well-Known Member

    Hehe, reminds me of when I taught my Pap that one, he use to like to kill it as he brought it to me. He loves pretending to be tough when he has something in his mouth.
  8. yvonne Well-Known Member

    Hi Ozjen

    Just wanted to welcome you to the site :)

    I hope you will enjoy your time here. Everyone is so very kind and helpful xx
  9. snooks Experienced Member

    Rivsky and Ozgen welcome to the site. Do check out the monthy challenges current and past for some great ideas. The classroom is also pretty sharp if you want to sharpen some things up. :dogcool:

    how about teaching them to close cabinet doors and/or drawers for you?? that always seems very handy.

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