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Hiya my name is Irene. I own three gorgeous toy poodles. They are called Boniface, Fifi and Dashka. Pretty odd names aye

Boniface is an old boy, he'll be turning 10 this year, we've had him for about 9 of those years. He's a champagne colour and very pretty, he likes to show off. He's my gorgeous boy
Fifi is about eight years old, we bought her when she was 7 months old. She is white with black tips on her ears and tail. Both Boni and Fifi haven't had much training up till this point. I don't know why.

You may think Dashka is a silly name. Well not really. I'm pretty sure it's a russian name. When translated to english it would mean Daria. But we don't like that name as much as the russian version. She is about 3 - 4 months (i'm not sure, i have to check her papers to find out exactly) and a dark chocolate colour. And very cute may I add. She follows me around everywhere I go ( except school).
Since we got Dashka I've been trying to teach her some manners and educate her. She is a very fast learner. In about 5 days she's learned to Sit and Stay, Lie Down (she only knows these commands in russian) and Roll Over. I hope to one day enter her in one of the online monthly competitions.

Well toodles, that must've been very boring for you but I wasn't sure what to write.