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Hey guys,

damn what a tricky forum layout.
a while ago I posted here about my dog and her joint problems, how I couldn't train her anymore and how she wasn't very active anymore. now during this summer, she went downhill, she leaked urine, she had a hard time standing up and even a hard time walking... she was in pain and she was very unhappy, so my sister, my parents and me had to decide to put her down, which we did a few weeks ago.

well, it's been a rough year for me, i failed my internship due to a depression i've had for years and other complaints which i now have to be in therapy for, i got my heart broken by a lady i loved big time (she lied to me for months, making it seem as if we had something going on) and now this. nothing competes with losing a dog, because nothing else gives you the happiness and unconditional love a dog does.

well, i just wanted to update you guys on this. maybe in a few months or a few years i will be back because i really do need a dog to fill a gap in my life and because i have a huge passion for them.


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Very sorry to hear all of that. I wish you the best and do hope you find a way to move through this hard time. Good luck to you.


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OH Wolf, i'm so sorry to hear of your troubles and especially of losing your beloved dog.

I hope you soon heal at least to the point you can consider adopting a new dog love into your life, it sounds like you might need one, now more than ever.

Don't worry, you WILL love the new dog, yes, you will. I too, wondered whether it'd be fair to my next dog to get another, i thought "I'll never love another dog the way i loved Toby." but, i was wrong, i love Buddy with all my heart.

I hope to soon hear, you've adopted a new dog.


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That's something you might try---maybe volunteer at a shelter to take your mind off things and get your "dog fix." Not sure if it does the same thing for you, but for me, training is relaxing. It's my DRUG, lol. Keeps me sane. So, even if you're not training, just spending time with dogs....maybe that would help you out?

Keep your chin up. Blue skies ahead!