New Trick - Clean Up Your Toys!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by wenryder, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. wenryder Active Member

    Obie and I have been working this past week with tidying up his toys in the living room. I'm using the commands "take it" , "where is your ___" or "go get your ____" and the term "basket" for association. So far he's doing pretty good. I shot a quick little video a few days ago on his progress. Eventually I will get him to pick them up after scattering them across the floor, but for the puposes of this video, I tossed each one separately. We're still learning name association with all of his toys. =) Enjoy!

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  2. sara Moderator

    How cute is he! He's doing way better at this than Oliver is!
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  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Nice job!!!! Great video!!!!! Here is my husky cleaning up! :D

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  4. wenryder Active Member

    I love this video of Onyx. It's what gave us the inspiration to learn this. Plus it saves me from cleaning up Obie's toys all the time, haha... we turned it into a game!
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