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Hi there, love this site. I just came apon this site looking for information on training. My husband and I have 2 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, 1 Golden Retriever and we just adopted a Border Collie rescue that is 5 months old. We live on a hobby farm in Manitoba, Canada. Our male Chessie competes in Agility and plan on working with the Golden and BC in agility. The BC is so different from the others, I thought the energy level of the Chessie was high but the BC is now top of the list for energy.


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Hi. I had to look up the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, as I'd never heard of them before. Big dogs aren't they! Of course, I'm biased, but there's no beating a Border Collie for energy! :) Welcome to the DTA and enjoy your training.


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Ahhh Chessies!!!!!!! :doglaugh: You lucky dog----err, person you! Lol. Chessies are great. Whoo-hoo, yet another rescued Border Collie owner. Welcome, good luck, and enjoy!