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Hello I am new to the site and am very excited to communicate with other dog lovers. My family recently moved to China, it is a lonely place to be a "dog person". I have a Collie, his name is Laddie he just turned 1 yr old. I enjoy teaching him and learning from him. My hope coming here was to educate people on the joys of dog companionship and benefits. There is so much fear associated with dogs here. well thank you all, it helps to know I am not alone in the world.:dogunsure:

Jean Cote

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Hello hummergirl! Welcome to the Academy!

Thank you for posting your introduction, I'm glad that you've taken an interest in creating a positive relationship with your dog. In parts of this world (Canada to be more precise) almost everybody has a dog. I cannot drive anywhere without ever seeing someone walking their dog, so it's pretty neat. I guess our culture teaches us early on how pleasurable the companionship of a dog can be. :) I'm glad that you are just learning this and that your relationship with your dog blossom.

Have you trained your dog before? Many people think of training as to teach your dog to stop misbehaving. But I see it as creating a meaningful relationship with my dog. That's why I train all sorts of behaviors that most people wouldn't. I guess I could go on and on about the benefits of tricks training, but the best way to see is to try it yourself. ;)

Enjoy the site!


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Hi Hummer,

Where did you live before you moved to China? What a great opprotunity for you, even though I can see it being very lonely. I would think that trick training and having Laddie demonstrate tricks would be a pleasant introduction to people that are used to viewing dogs in other ways. I hope you'll share the stories of your successes with us.