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Hello all...

I found the site by watching some trick videos by a corgi named Lance on YouTube. What an awesome little dog!

I am a trainer. I trained privately for a time and then for PetSmart. I have moved into the management program with PetSmart and now train service, therapy and special needs dogs privately. I share my home with my partner of six years and our Corgi Clan: 4 PWCs, 1 CWC mix, and two catahoula/basset mixes. Tank, the CWC X is CGC and Delta certified, as well as serves as my partner's assistance dog. She is an OIF vet who returned from war with PTSD. Tank makes it possible for her to be out in public places. All the Clan are rescues of some sort. We are total corgi-philes!

I'm so excited to find the site and to get involved. Tank, especially, visits the nursing homes and hospitals and does a few tricks. I'm dying to add to his repitoire! His fans will love it.

Blessed be!


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Much welcome. I'm trainging a 1yo service dog for myself and have a 4yo shy but nicely self trained service dog who is CGC and does agility, rally, obedience, and learning freestyle and scooterjoring. Puppy will be learning all of the above. I'm going for cert on the puppy. I'll look forward to hearing about your training expertise. :dogbiggrin: